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  1. Show your screenshots

    Heh, I need to work on getting an S-Rank sometime.
  2. That's actually not a bad idea, we need new creative ways to use PDs. The tricky detail would be how many PDs? It may depend on the item in question or its rarity, perhaps the amount of %'s being transfered. Still though nice idea.
  3. Didn't say that at all. (This is the other guy MadOrNah.) And I think it's stupid that you seem to be implying that I'm not allowed to make my own suggestions. I mean I asked for the option to turn the exp boost off. Guess what? We got it. I'm not saying I'm solely responsible for it, but I am saying that I contributed to it. We all have our own ideas on "how to make the server better" and we're free to agree or disagree on these matters. But I don't think it's very fair to call someone's mindset stupid. I've explained my situation regarding Ephinea several times before but I'll explain it again in detail. I did not know it existed when I first created my account on Ultima. This was the first server I found after Schthack and at the time, thought it was the only other server. I only learned about Ephinea much, much later after investing several hundred hours into this server. Due to the play time invested here and how much I've had to do this sort of thing in the past, it is a bit silly to let all those hours go to waste and just hop to another server. I want to keep my progress, at least level wise. That combined with some people here that I do like, people in my team and not, keep me on this server. At the same time I still like to voice how to make things better, in my opinion. I am not saying we "change" anything, rather we give players the option, like we do with Shared/Individual Drops and the option to turn off the exp boost. I understand people disagree with me on this, but I still want to voice my opinion because you never know, it may happen. Finally as I've said countless times before, if you can convince Ephinea to transfer my account, at the very least my character levels, then I will gladly depart and never bother anyone here again. But until then, I will continue to voice an apparently unpopular mindset here that I hope you will all eventually learn to tolerate, even if you don't see things my way. You're allowed to think and see the game your way, and I'm allowed to see and think it my way. Simply put if you won't agree to disagree well, then I think we know where you stand.
  4. Ah he's not the first to be so fixated on me.
  5. Jesus are you people just waiting to reply to me or something? I'm also just asking. People are allowed to throw out their ideas and not get, for lack of a better term, bashed for it. So why not me? We got the option to turn the exp boost off after all.
  6. You DO realize this means megid would work on bosses right? EDK, unlike the other resists, works on a flat rate. 80 EDK reduces megid chance by a flat 80%, meaning a level 30 would still have a 20% chance of working. Subsequently any megid level 20 or lower (80% chance at 20) will never instantly kill. Not to mention all the coding that would have to be done to make new tech levels. Spell data, tech disks, adding it to the drop table... I play here because I didn't know about Ephenia when I joined, didn't know it existed. So I refer you to my previous statement of "Inb4 "play on Ephenia"".
  7. Buffed Belras

    They're still buffed dang it!
  8. 45 minutes? Thought I'd go at least an hour before somebody gave me a sarcastic response. (At this point all the "downvotes" on the forums sustain me.)
  9. Purist Mode: When turned on games you create have rare-spawn rates reverted to normal (not non-green normal, sega-normal), exp you gain is normal (this would apply to the base exp of episode 2 bosses which give you ungodly amounts for some reason), and HH will not effect rare drop rates (event drops will still drop). Ephenia has this and I think this server should have it too. (Inb4 "play on Ephenia")
  10. Unbuff Indi Belras and put back their original skins.
  11. First off nnorton I see you, you have some obsession with me man. Second, Saber I'll say to you what I say to everyone else. "Get them to transfer my account." I don't understand why they give such massive exp when there's a multiplier on the server which is supposed to fulfill that exact purpose. Also just to let you know, all other enemies and bosses give regular exp as far as I know, or at least close enough for me to not notice a difference. I fail to understand why ep2 bosses are the exception.
  12. So, why do all the bosses in EP2 give insane amounts of exp? I have the exp boost turned off and I earned like 75k exp from Barbra Ray on Ult, around 5x what it's supposed to give me. I'm full aware people will wonder why I want bosses to give less exp, but modifying their *BASE* exp is a little absurd. Isn't this why the multiplier is there? So, in short, please have the episode 2 bosses give their original base exp.
  13. Buffed Belras

    Does this mean you'll change it back? (Also Meriltas still look like Deku Babas as well.)
  14. Buffed Belras

    Thanks for the support on this. It's been so long I almost forget what Indi Belras actually look like. The skin has been on here for years.
  15. I wouldn't mind this for S-Ranks, since they can't actually get hit. Not for all weapons though. But just so you know there is a quest in Episode 4 (Forget which one) where you can use PCs to add hit to monster weapons.