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  1. My point is on Sega I wouldn't be missing this much. Actually I wouldn't mind seeing a snapshot of the enemies stats within the server's database. Somebody showed me the Episode 1 enemy stat sheet or w/e once when i thought Ep1 was boosted too.
  2. Revert stats of episode 2 monsters to their original if it hasn't already been done. (Who am I kidding, it hasn't.) But for real, at least revert the EVP. Even as a Level 200 RAmar with a 30%+ hit weapon I'm missing way more than I should. Like how much did you guys increase it on Ult? Makes episode 2 not fun.
  3. I forgot PSZ for a moment. I mean how many different Rappies are in PSO, not including PSO2/PSU/PSZ. Yes! Someone remembered the Toy Rappy! I was expecting people to miss that one! Also the Del Rappy first appeared in EP3 when you collected all non-E Rarity cards.
  4. Pop Quiz: Name all the Rappies that appear in the PSO (Not PSU/PSO2) series and where they first appear.
  5. Because if they get more freedom, then OTHER classes will suffer an imbalance because they get a buff no other race gets. Casts don't get the same material use and the material boost on humans doesn't balance out the TP regen racial which, by the way is useful at higher levels. If you allow once race/class "more freedom with units/mags" then you have to do something with the rest of them, even if it isn't that one thing. (Also bruh, Fonewums are AoE BEASTS.) At this rate you might as well remake the entire god damn game. Stop trying to change things, it's all fine the way it is. Also no one sa
  6. No... no one of that. That would imbalance the game in SO MANY areas. If neumans gets more mats, then it would be imbalanced towards casts and humans whose racial IS MORE MATS. Part of the reason its hard to cap stats is because this server boosts the cap of ATP/DFP/MST by 100, EVP by 30, and ATA by 10.
  7. See I would like that, that's how it originally was. If you had also said nerf the Gal Gryphon's exp back to vanilla, I'd be elated.
  8. Except you shouldn't have to do that. The change to Ep1 may be an April Fools, but our reasons as to why this would be a bad idea are not.
  9. Man you look like a very disgruntled Vinny. Anyway if you even wanna just run areas in game lemme know.
  10. Honestly even at Lv 100 with level-decent gear it's still tough to do Ep1 Ult.
  11. Glad other people would be opposed to the Ep1 change. Not a funny joke...
  12. I sincerely hope this is an April Fools joke. I was fine with it until I saw the +15% stat buff on Ep1 Ult. PLEASE BE A JOKE.
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