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  1. Hey Soly did you ever get to talk to whoever about reverting the Indi Belra skin? (Or at least giving us the option?)
  2. This is because by the game's data, they're different enemies. They have different stats, HP, resistances, they may look and act the same but as far as PSO is concerned, they're different entities. Changing the stats of the ep2 enemies to be in like with their ep1 versions or vise-versa would defeat the purpose. Also the EVP of enemies in ep2 is higher than those of ep1, so if anything it balances out a bit. They don't need to remove the Dark Flow entirely. If you compare the stats of DF on the server to those of it logged on PSO World you'll see that Ultima boosts the ATP to 400%. DF was powerful enough when it got combo-unlocked. They either need to remove its combo ability, or reduce ATP back down to normal. (DM would follow suit as well.) But I agree, luckily people are usually chill about not using the special. (Except this one guy I met in-game, Scott7 or something.) The game is supposed to be easy at that high of a level because it's supposed to take you ages to get to that kind of level. But that would involve going off on another rant. Instead impose challenges on yourself because a 5th difficulty is virtually impossible, or at least too much work to get working. Remove internet.
  3. I do, but given the fact I've been playing since V1 and have never hit max level well... listen if I don't wanna restart again, a guy who uses base exp, that says something. Liking the process and restarting the process are two different things.
  4. It's not that I don't like the server, some of the custom items are alright. It's just how they've treated episode 2 is all. I'll be a lot less critical and upset about it once my RAmar hits level 200. (My first max level ever.) Once that happens I'll quickly stop caring about the exp thing for the most part.
  5. Because I've restarted PSO like seven times, I am not restarting again.
  6. Again, the EXP boost serves the purpose to increase level rate. We don't need to alter the BASE EXP. Also how is wanting to unlock the CCA every time "sadistic"? Why not just put the boss warp at the start of each area? Also again for the 100th time, get Ephinea to transfer my character levels and I'm gone. But at the very least thank you for giving me a civil response. (Also I love how nnorton44 always does the same thing every time I post.)
  7. Gonna get a lot of flak as always for this, but after learning about how far this goes I have to voice this again. *ahem* Please return all base EXP values to their original Sega values. I don't see the point in boosting the EXP of all the episode 2 enemies, especially the bosses, when the server has an exp multiplier in place. Soly can you explain the reason why the base EXP was edited? I'm genuinely curious.
  8. I am confused. You imply this server is better than Sega, yet you are like me and want the exp boost off. Well either way hat's off to you for that. (BTW: /exp 0)
  9. Rambling May: Ultimate Viridia Episode 1 Canabin Earth Wand Brownie: Ultimate Viridia Episode 1 Gran Sorcerer
  10. Okay good, now can we have their original skins back? What do you have against their original look?
  11. Yah but this happens every year. He either needs to get off his butt or allow someone else (Soly) to do it.
  12. Larva get off your butt and debuff the freaking Belras.
  13. Heh, I need to work on getting an S-Rank sometime.
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