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  1. Yo ! Tell me if you can be on today
  2. Sorry I'll only be avaible tomorrow 😕
  3. Will buy you one of these
  4. Wait didn't figured out this existed ! Thank you soooo much !!!
  5. So, I discovered that the SFX of PSOBB are compressed into .pac files. So, I wanna know how can I open them, how I can modify them and how I can make them. Thanks for paying attention to this topic. PS: The file I want to modify is common.pac
  6. If you still sells one for 1 or 2 pds, I'll take one of those (I dont care of the stats XD)
  7. actually, I found out that sfx files are .pac files, and I wanna know how I can modify them...
  8. So, I wanna know how to change the SFX of PSOBB. Can someone teach me how to do it ? Thanks for reading my Topic.
  9. What about a NPC that would trade your items for items of same value ? What I mean there is that every single items could be on different pools depending on their rarity (so no VARISTA to DARK METEOR for example...) and when you trade your item, you get another item from the same pool. It would be restricted in number of usages, cooldown of 1 month or it would have a cost... Hope ya like dis idea
  11. So, I'm looking for Charge Vulcan because I can't find some... I don't know the price of these. Have a nice day.
  12. Basically, I can't download the Launcher of Ultima because Windows Defender tells me that this is a Trojan !!! How can I get it back without having to use any password ?
  13. So, is HEAVEN STRIKER good on Ultima, even if there's ASTERON STRIKER ? Thanks for paying attention. -Kalu/Naezo
  14. So, I wanna know how to modify weapons stats and how to combo unlock some, on a private offline Tethealla client. Thanks for paying attention to this post.
  15. welp, I guess it's time to farm pds :|
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