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  1. Lol, my little brother doesn’t know my log in credentials.
  2. Hello, My little brother called me today, he told me his centurion ability was lost from his common bank. I told him that he probably lost it on other bank or dropped it by accident. Then I got home from work and checked my bank to play, and my centurion abilities were gone too, I had like 2-3 of them. Not on any other character banks and didn’t touch em in a few days. Anyone else having common bank problems? Can this be fixed please? I really like my items back 😔 @R-78 @Soly @serverus
  3. Look at the donation possibilities, you can add with DT
  4. Go to the drop table of ultima, everything is in there. Some items can be replaced right now because there is an event with event drops.
  5. Sacred Bow, Purplenum, Ultimate, Delsaber Episode 1
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