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  1. Hi everyone, got some stuff for sale Wants PD / DT Serene Swan with hit Master Raven with hit Sonic Team Armor Cannon Rouge High Stats High Hit Weapons Vjaja (0/0/35/0/30) Heaven Punisher (30/30/0/30) Diska Of Bravemen (0/0/50/35/30) Diska Of Bravemen (0/0/0/40/35) Spread Needle (0/25/30/35) Sacred Bow (0/25/0/45) Master Sword (100/0/0/0) Serene Swan (0/0/0/25) Sword Of Ultima (50/0/0/30/35) --> Sold Lame D'argent (0/0/0/0) (1000 kills?) Vivienne (45/0/0/0/40) Heaven Striker (0/35/25/0) Ultima Reaper (15/0/0/0) Nug2000-Bazooka (0/0/0/0/60) L&K38 Combat (35/0/0/35) Mini Gun 😛 Macho Blades (0/0/0/0) —> sold Shields Anti Dark Ring Rico's Glasses Rico's Earring Hylian Shield Ganondorf Shield Red Ring —> sold Units Adept —> sold Centurion Ability Centurion Power Centurion Battle —> sold Mags Lv 200. Sato (10/0/140/50) Techs Resta 30 Jellen 30 Materials Defend Materials 80x Mind Materials 40x Misc Sinow Berrill's Arms S-Red's Arms Magic Rock ''Moola''
  2. Orukei


    13DT i have one for ya
  3. How much for the master sword in pd or dt
  4. @Lucy_PSO won the auction. Please close. @R-78
  5. PM me you are full how much dark flow
  6. Good afternoon everyone, I’m going to auction a Psycho Raven. (0/55/0/40). I’m going to start the auction at 1DT. (accepting DT / high PD / Trades) Highest DT bid wins or I pick the best offer. Auction End: 124 hours and 20 minutes. (Friday 17:00 my time)
  7. Orukei

    Auction> POST

    dang you feeling that post
  8. No good guesses, 187 was the number I thought of picking @Tiel the people who just voted twice, to be clear, everyone has a total of 3 guesses. so @Tiel maybe you’ll get the right number
  9. Everyone gets another guess Good luck guys 💪🏻
  10. Still no good guesses guys Maybe in a day or two you' ll get another guess.
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