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  1. Hello to everyone I want to reduce myself I would say 4 years ago I joined a server and I was having fun And having fun with other people but unfortunately my bipolar got The Best of Me I lost my jobThen 4 months later found out to have surgery in order to keep living and tried to keep playing on the server But the depression got worse and made a so me and my teammates separated I would like to right now apologize to any Members of my old team that I may have wronged or my depression rubbed the wrong way I am asking to please give me a second chance to sho
  2. I think they mean Heather. Which means there making fun of someone who disabled and I can not respect that sorry
  3. Just open my pd shop come and take a look

  4. Happy 10 utlima sever you guys are the best

  5. Happy Thanksgiving everyone

  6. Tradeing

    PsychoRaven +80 [100/0/100/100|0]
        Iron Faust +18 [0/0/100/100|80]
        Iron Faust +18 [100/100/0/0|80]
        Yasminkov 9000M +10 [0/0/100/100|80] [Charge]

    For  PGF

  7. Pm me when you.come online pls

  8. Hello.

    Can you log?  :)

    1. shanglong


      At work been doing overtime it's Xmas I will be online all day tomorrow

  9. For the short time I have been here you welcome me in to your team and made me feel more then welcome It was like family big you ever need anything hit me up will leave my number in a pm to you text or call me anytime
  10. reload my pm shang :D

  11. You just have some months here. I know for now all looks "terrible". But you need have more pacience... You can not give up so fast my friend. 

    When this crazy event finish all back to the normal. You will see  :)

  12. Will.be power leveling fri and sat

    Room will be ccashang

    Block 2 

  13. >b 3 nakas cards 

    I will be runing cca all day tommorw on my force   

    Game name shangcca

    Will be on block 2

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