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  1. Hello to everyone I want to reduce myself I would say 4 years ago I joined a server and I was having fun And having fun with other people but unfortunately my bipolar got The Best of Me I lost my jobThen 4 months later found out to have surgery in order to keep living and tried to keep playing on the server But the depression got worse and made a so me and my teammates separated I would like to right now apologize to any Members of my old team that I may have wronged or my depression rubbed the wrong way I am asking to please give me a second chance to show that I was not the person I used to be I finally got the Help from a doctor's and my friends in game now my bipolar and depression under contro lAnd let the come back and play with all my friends that I made my 1st came to server So I ask you please give me a second chanceTo show the I'm a good person thank you
  2. Its the forhead what did you think was going to be said SMH
  3. shanglong


    Thank you playing close this
  4. shanglong


    Chromatic Orb 5DT/38pd Would like to get this
  5. shanglong


    Rianov 303SNR-5 +20 [100/100/0/0|80 Make offer here or in pm real offers pls thank you
  6. I think they mean Heather. Which means there making fun of someone who disabled and I can not respect that sorry
  7. Not playing Force any more hopeing to get back a bit or what I put in to the gear Rambling May [0/0/0/0|35] 2Sacred Bow [0/0/20/0|0] 3Sacred Bow [25/0/0/0|20] 4Bringer's Rifle [0/0/0/0|50] 5Psycho Wand [10/0/0/25|0] 6Tyrfing [0/0/10/30|0] 7Banana Cannon [0/95/0/45|0] 8Glide Divine [0/0/0/0|0] 9Glide Divine v.00 [40/0/0/0|0] 10General Armor [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 1] 11Luminous Field [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 4] 12Smoking Plate [DEF: 42/EVP: 0] [Slots: 4] 13Morning Prayer [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 0] 14Kroe's Sweater [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 4] 15Samurai Armor [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 4] 16Godric's Cloak [DEF: 4/EVP: 0] [Slots: 4] 17General Shield [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] 18Three Seals [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] 19Agent K Costume [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] 20God/Arm 21God/HP 22God/Body 23God/Body 24Hero/Ability 25HP/Revival 26Devil/Technique 27Devil/Battle 28V502 29V801 30Heavenly/Battle 31Heavenly/Battle 32Heavenly/Battle 33Centurion/Battle 34Soniti [Blue] [5/124/71/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] 35RoboChao [Green] [5/70/124/1] [Mylla & Youlla | Leilla | Pilla] 36Geung-si [Green] [5/0/71/124] [Mylla & Youlla | Leilla | Pilla] 37Moro [Blue] [15/0/0/185] [Estlla | Farlla | Mylla & Youlla] 38Moro [White] [15/0/0/185] [Estlla | Farlla | Mylla & Youlla]
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