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  1. they are supposed to rot in your bank (it's just a collector's item)
  2. S> S-RANK Needle +70 [Blizzard]

  3. S> S-RANK Needle +70 [Blizzard]

  4. still no stats for outlaw star? is it for rangers only?
  5. Stellar Shard + Brightness Circle = Neutron Skin
  6. and maybe add requirements/classes that can use the items?
  7. lol calm down ^^ seems like i missed that in the opening post - my bad sorry. the stuff is really nice. makes my first post a bit unnecessary haha but yes i still cant be bothered doing that (dont have the stuff he wants and takes too much time imo) im not a native speaker, maybe thats why. wasnt trying to sound rude in any way. never said his stuff is junk, just tried to tell him about my thoughts
  8. sad to see u leaving but well yea ... tbh i cant be bothered to do that much stuff - especially if i dont know what i can win ^^ i personally think it would be a better incentive for participants if they knew about the rewards it even takes quite some effort to get started cuz of all the stuff u want ppl to wear; if u get some to participate im pretty sure the majority is already good equipped, plays on this server for a longer time and therefore doesnt really need more high tier stuff - maybe u could consider to give new players access too? (just a thought here, not tryin to be offensive ) good luck dude EDIT: wrong suggestion my bad, didnt read the opening post properly, but 2nd part of my post is still a thing, isnt it?
  9. thats wrong. just got an alliance uniform
  10. B> 30 Photon Crystals (5:1 PD ratio)

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