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  1. oh yeah sorra D: , its last swan from whitill saber
  2. idk if someone said it earlier Whitill - Dark Bringer - EP 1 - Ultimate - Photon Booster (:
  3. Dark bridge can be usefull on a lot of situation.. for me its db then pb. Cause the db has doubled zal and zal is more needed than jellen. If you run stuff like mines. Cave or areas where mobs are where you dont need jellen the db is great to have. Also it halves your tp cost (hp cost are also halved. Pb takes 40hp for a ra tech lvl30, db only 20) About the negative effect. Icant remember the exact time but midori explained me something about 5mins or so. If you have db longer equipped than 5 mins then those effects appear) And i use db on my fo alot but never got any negative effects while playing Also those 10% more than merc rod are worth it.. i mean more dmg is more dmg. Its a luxury thing but if you need 1 grants less to kill a mob then it saves you a few seconds ( i think more in ep4) Also you will notice if you need 5 or 6 grants for a dorphon ^^ but since i rarely use grants (only on bosses in a few situations) its like i said a luxury thing (but in my opinion still worth it) Megid pierce is cool but i think its useless since fos can use 80hit hell guns, also there are a lot of weps which have that included but db is like a merc rod fusioned with a demonic fork) would save a slot And to not forget about its the only weapon which do those wiggly things which looks ultra sick Thats only my opinion but i think if you know how to db can be useful as much as df or dm and to not forget can use the zerk special on bosses to cut hp to get your mag to invince range. And you deal at the same time nice dmg (not as nice as hundred souls but if you get invinc you can deal more dmg than without End xD
  4. Boss? Difficulty?
  5. ultima mag should be same as yahoo boss inv 100 health 1/10 resta thats what i remembered on my ramar
  6. B> Lindcray :) can trade PR 0/100/100/100 for a max lindcray (native abeast hit only)

  7. B> Mind & Luck mats

    1. Pixcani


      i can get you the luck mats, how many you want


    2. Night


      As many as you can hunt :P Like 300-400 xP

  8. S> Psycho Raven 0/100/100/100, Bringers Riffle 0/0/0/0|70

    Edited by Night
  9. characters got a buff +100atp max stat +100dfp max stat +100mst max stat +10ata max stat +30evp max stat All custom and normal items are listed here changes to Tsumikiri J-Sword and Dark Flow (dark flow isnt listed in the above list.. and TJS has wrong stats in there) also all Dark Wepons got a boost here if i forgot something please correct me
  10. Happy Birthday Night :) 

  11. Concratulations man i hope you have a good day and i wish you all the best :cr-happy-birthday: :cr-dancing::cr-dance-with-me:

  12. B> D-Photon Core Paying in DTs :)

  13. yeah read it like 5 mins after i posted it haha ^^ cool ty
  14. does it show the stats of mag? cause i cant see it on any pics x.x
  15. S> Chrimson Sword 0/0/0/0|70, Psycho Raven 0/100/100/100, TypeME/Mechgun 75hit [Demon], Bringers Rifle 0/0/0/0|70, Tellusis 0/170/30/0 :3 PM me