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  1. have you read this lol?
  2. Sealed J-Sword - Gi Gue - Skyly - Ultimate - EP 2 sry just wanted to troll a bit hehe
  3. Well on eden they mentioned aura field too and that it strangely always ended up as min and no idea why
  4. im not sure.. but i searched a bit in the net and found someone from eden writing that: For make this rare (and expensive) armor you need : A lvl 156 character, a stink frame, 80 pds (need it to buy 4 "parasitic cell type D" in gallon shop) Min stat VA Have 240 DFP and 90 EVP Max stat VA have 290 DFP and 110 EVP Min stat Stink frame have 40 DFP and 15 EVP Max stat Stink frame have 125 DFP and 100 EVP If you want a Max stat VA you need a stink frame with at least 90 DFP and 35 EVP For exemple : if you use a stink frame with 60 DFP and 20 EVP, the VA will have 260 DFP and 95 EVP IMPORTANT : before crying your VA is min stat, when you will use the 4 parasitic cell on the frame, VA will be min stat as long as you stay in the room, just open a new room and it will be max stat. This tips is the same for other combination stuff like epsiguard spirit garment etc But i dont tested for those one yet on Eden (just on my local serv).
  5. we could test that in test server lol
  6. this is not right.. and @R-78 im not sure.. what i could think of: if you hunt a max stink frame/invisible guard and use the parasitic cell type d/magic rock heart key on them they will stay at max. but idk D: could try it for you if you want?
  7. S> TypeME/Mechgun Demons 80 hit, Hundred Souls set

  8. lol after Quest LHB: 7.698.987.358.506,00 used techs lol
  9. 150 mats in a mix of pow, def, mind, evp & luck mats for casts and newmans 250 mats in a mix of pow, def, mind, evp & luck mats for humans a.k.a. flashies 125 hp mats for casts 125 hp mats & 125 tp mats for humans and newmans hasnt changed
  10. thats wrong if im not wrong xD. as i know only pow def mind evp and luck mats get resetted. hp and tp mats wont be resetted nvm @Choko was faster than me lol
  11. I think you wont be able to redeem for 2 accounts. Just to let you know.. a gm told me like a year ago that multi accounting on forum can get you a ban D: So be fair redeem your main and ask a gm to “ban“ yout second created account before you get in trouble
  12. B> HP Mats :)

  13. That would be a neat idea! But seems like alot of work D: But yeah.. what i thinks is shitty is that everyone do what they wanna do.. but that are real life problems too..
  14. 3 mags ready to redeem
  15. yeah but thats not fair ^^ there should be rules and the thing is since noone acts (which i mean are GMs/Mod who warn peeps) so that they think before they bid