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  1. Also, for everyone who downloaded my music pack..... after listening to what I did for quest clear.... it was obvious that it needed to be fixed..... I've uploaded a new clear.ogg to mediafire - so, please go get the updated file! Cheers!
  2. Unfortunately I don't have the OST for link to the past..... but...... I DO HAVE the OST for both Ocarina of Time AND Wind Waker and the commemorative Zelda 25th anniversary concert CD
  3. Thank you @Salm I really appreciate your words, I hope you enjoy the music for many many many moons.
  4. Welcome!

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      am suffering on psobb because i only know ngs unfortunately.

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      I can show you the ropes, been playing pso since 2001.  Do you have discord?

  5. Hi everyone, For the last couple days (November 19-21, 2022) I've been cutting music tracks from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Official Soundtrack for use in PSO. I want to express my gratitude to @Fyrewolf5 for showing me how to add in the meta-data so the music loops automatically, Thank you so much @Fyrewolf5!!! As I was cutting tracks and testing them on the title screen, more and more of them felt like the title music shouldn't be the Final Fantasy Prelude..... and as I looked at the title screen more and more, empty space, planets just floating in the nothingness, no movement, just emptiness.... I felt more that the title music shouldn't be all upbeat and happy-go-lucky like the Final Fantasy Prelude is. So, I searched and searched and searched through the soundtrack (it's on 7 discs (8 if you count the jukebox tracks from the game) and there's over 300 tracks in the FF7R Soundtrack) and I eventually found a track that has echo-like wispy parts in it and sounds lonely, somber, and just fits perfectly with the title screen picture. So, I cut it as the title, put it in and OMG i fell in love with PSO all over again with that music. Since there's a 1MB limit for uploads on the forum, I can't post the music pack here, but if you'd like it for your game to change up the music, I would highly recommend my music pack, and I'm not just saying that because I'm the creator...... I just followed my feelings and went track by track and visulized the parts of the game where the track would fit and cut the music to that area. In the mines, for example... the music is all soft and ethereal-like and "lulls you into a false sense of security" before tearing you to shreds.... well my music pack fixes all that - the music for the mines levels is ominous, foreboding and as a plus - it has machine widget things in the music - so the music will be playing and all of the sudden you hear these mechanical scratches to different notes in a wacky fashion - I love it for mines. The following is the track list I used for my music pack TITLE: Title "The Promised Land - Cycle of Souls" ADVR: Character Select "The Prelude - Reunion" CHARA: Character Creation "Chance Meeting in Sector 8" CITY: Pioneer 2 "Main Theme of FFVII - Nighfall in the Undercity" MEDICAL: Hospital "Tifa's Theme - Seventh Heaven" SHOP: Stores "Wall Market - The Town That Never Sleeps" GUILD: Hunter’s Guild "An Unforgettable Night" SOUTOKU: Principal’s Office "The Oppressed - Beck's Badasses" LABO: Lab "A New Operation" Areas Slbgm_forest: Forest 1 & 2 "On Our Way" Slbgm_cave: Caves 1, 2, & 3 "Rough Waters" Slbgm_machine: Mines 1 & 2 "S7-6 Annex Diversion" Slbgm_ancient: Ruins 1, 2, & 3 "Train Graveyard" Slbgm_ruin: Temple Alpha / Beta "Collapsed Expressway" Slbgm_space: Spaceship Alpha / Beta "Bombing Mission" Slbgm_seabed: Seabed 1 & 2 "Mako Reactor 1" Bosses DRAGON: Dragon "Let the Battles Begin - A Merc's Job" DELO: De Rol Le "The Trap is Sprung" VOL_OPT1: Vol Opt phase 1 "Ignition Flame (1st movement)" VOL_OPT2: Vol Opt phase 2 "Ignition Flame (2nd movement)" Slbgm_dark: Meadow before Falz "-Drum- The Drum" DARK1: Dark Falz phase 1 & 2 "Catastrophe" DARK2: Dark Falz phase 3 "One Winged Angel - Rebirth" DELO2: Barba Ray "Operation: Save Aerith" DRAGON2: Gol Dragon "Scorpion Sentinel" GRYPHON: Gal Gryphon "Whack-a-box" PROTO1: Olga phase 1 - "Mako Reactor 1 - Battle Edit HALL: Room before fighting Olga 2nd time "Trail of Blood" PROTO2: Olga phase 2 "J-E-N-O-V-A - Quickening" Slbgm_boss9: St. Million "The Valkyrie" Slbgm_boss9b: Shambertin / Kondrieu "The Valkyrie" Special Events T1: Rico Tyrel "A Tower, a Promise" T2: Heathcliff Flowen "Who Am I?" clear: Quest Completion "Victory Fanfare" ENDING_LOOP: After you kill Dark Falz "The Star of Seventh Heaven" CUBE_ENDING_LOOP: After you kill Olga Flow "Aerith's Theme - Home Again" EP4_ENDING_LOOP: After you kill ep4 final boss "Credits" LOBBY: The game lobby - This track is a surprise - if other music is playing in the lobby like christmas, or halloween, or user requests, just type: /lobbyevent 2 and you can listen to this very special track! Be ye warned, it's nearly 13 minutes of music, but I hope you love it like I do! That's what I have done so far - tomorrow I might cut tracks for the holidays, do 12 tracks for the music discs - but we'll see. **DISCLAIMER - As much as I would have liked to make music for the Jungle, Mountain, Seaside, CCA, Towers, Crater, Crater Interior, and the Subterranean Desert, the way the game is coded screws up the custom music for those areas at best, CRASHES IN A GIANT FIRE at worst, and the custom music just won't work for those areas.** If you would like my music pack - here's how you install it to change the music of PSO Open your UltimaPSOBB folder on your hard drive .... the default location for install is C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/UltimaPSOBB. In your PSOBB folder you'll find a DATA folder, and in that DATA folder you'll find a folder called OGG. *****MAKE A COPY OF THAT OGG FOLDER******* Rename the copy of the folder to something like Music Backup so if you ever want to go back to original PSO music, the files are there and untouched. Then, click this link for the music pack: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/54sry10fh5a2r/FF7R+PSO+Music+Pack Download the files from the FF7R PSO Music Pack folder (there are 37 .ogg files plus one .txt of the track listing) you can even put them in a FF7R PSO folder. Then COPY all of them - open your OGG folder in your UltimaPSOBB/DATA folder and paste all the files to that OGG folder. When your computer asks if you would like to REPLACE all the files SAY YES! this will change the music of your game to the music listed above! If you would like me to make special music for you - just let me know - I'm always happy to help. Cheers, -Z
  6. Can't you look back through the logs from last night when I first came online??? You'll see that I let him borrow a four slot frame and 4 heavenly abilities.....then he only gave me back 1 and the other three are just gone....can't you do that?
  7. My friend's card number is: 42219442 My card is: 42177911
  8. I brought one of my friends to PSOBB on Ultima Server from the PSO2 servers while they were under maintenance.... I was helping him level up, and I let him borrow some low level armor that I had which had 4 slots, and I let him borrow FOUR of my HEAVENLY / ABILITY units that I had found in Episode IV. When our play session was finished after 4 hours of play, I asked him to give back the items that I had loaned him.... He gave me back the weapon, shield, armor, mag, BUT ONLY 1 OF THE UNITS!!! I asked him where the other 3 were of HEAVENLY/ABILITY and he was vehemently resolved that he had only been given one..... but I let him borrow 4 of them........ I've gone through all the levels we played on through the whole forest and caves and they're just gone!!!! just gone!!!!!! Please help!!!!! I can't lose those units! It took me forever to farm up that many. My character name is Z a FoMar His character name is J.Luminai and he's a HuMar.... Please help me!
  9. Will someone please link the discord or invite me to it? Pretty please???
  10. You know, I also raise mags for people, gives me something to do while I play. You can hit me up with questions too, I've made my own guide for mags since many of the online feeding charts are inaccurate and some are downright wrong. Let me know if I can raise a mag for you. Please note I specialize in 4th evolution mags, Rati, sato, nidra, etc etc and I can make just about any mag you want provided you supply the mag cell if you want something special like agastya or tellusis or ciao or something. Let me know if I can help you. I let you pick the color, photon blasts, and stats you want, then I raise the mag accordingly.
  11. Unless you're doing the government quests (which can't be done in one player mode) and you want to explore everywhere.....
  12. I'm looking for my good friend Toshiro....he's a FOmar, and the last time I saw him he was almost level 90. His other character is Fuyin ..... Though I don't know what class.... HUcast maybe???? Will someone please help me find my friend? I'm worried about him! =/
  13. It would be really great if the floor switches would stay down when playing solo! When I get home from work I love running laps through the game starting in forest 1 and killing dark falz, or starting in temple Alpha and killing Olga flow in one session.... But I can't do that on ultima server because the floor switches won't stay down when you're playing solo! It's really frustrating (and not very conducive to raising mags) when you have to make a new game every 20 minutes because you hit a door that requires 2 people and the switches won't stay down and you're playing solo!
  14. Fyre, I need help getting my game login credentials - can you help me?

  15. So, I've not played in a little while - and I tried to login today but the game won't let me log on . . . . . someone please help!!!!!! I really don't want to have to start all over ='( GC: 42177911
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