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  1. Unless you're doing the government quests (which can't be done in one player mode) and you want to explore everywhere.....
  2. I'm looking for my good friend Toshiro....he's a FOmar, and the last time I saw him he was almost level 90. His other character is Fuyin ..... Though I don't know what class.... HUcast maybe???? Will someone please help me find my friend? I'm worried about him! =/
  3. It would be really great if the floor switches would stay down when playing solo! When I get home from work I love running laps through the game starting in forest 1 and killing dark falz, or starting in temple Alpha and killing Olga flow in one session.... But I can't do that on ultima server because the floor switches won't stay down when you're playing solo! It's really frustrating (and not very conducive to raising mags) when you have to make a new game every 20 minutes because you hit a door that requires 2 people and the switches won't stay down and you're pla
  4. Fyre, I need help getting my game login credentials - can you help me?

  5. So, I've not played in a little while - and I tried to login today but the game won't let me log on . . . . . someone please help!!!!!! I really don't want to have to start all over ='( GC: 42177911
  6. So I haven't played in a while - thought I'd get online for a while to change things up a bit - but the game keeps saying I have invalid credentials and won't let me log into the game - can someone help me pls? I've played before - many times before - please help . . . someone anyone . . . .
  7. Ok, i have reproduced this error . . . . Here's the problem: At any point during one of the "one-player" offline story quests aka the "main story" quests (soul of steel, from the depths, native research, seat of the heart, etc etc etc) If at any point during the quest, you access your COMMON BANK and then proceed to deposit money (meseta) when you click confirm on the amount to deposit, the game just quits and you're back at the screen where you press enter and click start game . . . . THIS SHOULDN'T HAPPEN! You should just be able to deposit your money and keep
  8. OK, I've noticed a pattern with the One-player quests that is really pissing me off; and I mean SERIOUSLY!!! When you go into one-player mode, and do one of the main story quests (aka the offline quests like Soul of a Blacksmith, or Doc Octo's Research etc etc) and you get done with the quest, and are ready to go turn it in, if you go to your common bank BEFORE turning in the quest - it acts like you selected QUIT GAME and YES from the menu even though the menu isn't open . . . . this has happened to me several times now, and frankly, IT'S EFFIN RIDICULOUS! I had to do Unseale
  9. Hi all, I'm Zan, or Z for short. I've logged over 15,000 hours on PSO (almost all of it offline) between the years of 2001-2008, I pretty much collected everything from pinkal, skyly, redria, purplenum, greenill, bluefull, and oran. I have characters for all section IDs and classes and sexes for all the different mag evolutions, I have all the mags, most of the rare shields and merges, and all of the secret and special weapon and armor combinations.... But this is all on GCN ... So here I am, a very experienced player looking for new kinds of fun. So before you go criticizing
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