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  1. wwwoooooaaa....  to early  :cr-sleeping:

  2. Another one leaves this server ... Ultima don´t seem interested in his most loyal players leaving..
  3. I already made about 30 runs and I only found 1 Ultima reaper and it came out with 0%... Very few other drops overall. It's not about making it easy, But do I seriously have to play 500 runs until I find an UR? Not to mention it not having any % And it's not just about 1 weapon... This game must have at least 800+ items to hunt. It's not about living in the game either! Now I've made 12 runs of M4M and no bannana cannon has been dropped (And when it does, gotta check those %s!) For Administrators: If what you wanted was that the most expensive items coming this next event were still as rare and expensive. Why didn't you just increase the difficulty for getting those items instead of making everything more difficult?
  4. What are you talking about? If the game threw me a weapon with 3 status or 30-40% hit + at first, then I would tell you that you are absolutely right. But the game also must throw a rare object also the attributes or% hit are random. But I've been here since the event started, I've only found 2 last reaper ..... and 1 is 0/0/0/0 and the other one is 0/0/25/0 .. already with 3 "hh" and more than 30 runs without hh. I dont know but I think the "fix" needs a "fix"
  5. I also have not found anything in "ultimate" with "individual drops". The bosses do not throw anything and the enemies of the missions throw only a little. Is it better to play now in shared?
  7. What a pity XD I want one of those sellers.
  8. Hey!! This is a Big idea!!!!! Hard Quest + Npc + trade 30 red box = 1pd
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