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    Hide Chat Box

    Troll ass community. This is why the server is dead. Funny, though, not going to lie.
  2. ipolyr

    Hide Chat Box

    eh, it's over. asked for help was trolled by a very confused person with a disability (a retard) and his boyfriend. /s
  3. ipolyr

    Hide Chat Box

    You should log off your life. What is the shoutbox? Maybe that would help.
  4. ipolyr

    Hide Chat Box

    Is there any way to hide the chatbox or move it beneath all the other items on the main forum page? I can toggle the other items and resize the chatbox*, but would like to remove it. Regards
  5. ipolyr


    two top offers... I offer 1 pd
  6. ipolyr


    I have a minimum level one.
  7. I have both. What you trade?
  8. Congrats on finding one!
  9. Greetings. I would like one of those PGF(s). Available?
  10. I run PSO at 2560x1440 Consider setting the custom Window to 2560x1440, but set the HUD to a lower resolution, such as 1280x720. This will allow you to be able to see the HUD much easier. I've noticed the music issue, as well. As Trigunman mentioned, usually only happens once, and is a minor bug. Aside from that, I use Radeon Settings to change how the game looks.
  11. ipolyr

    some trades

    How much is crush cannon?
  12. Shoutout to the ignore feature.

    1. Trigunman


      I am a very happy user as well, all hail the ignore feature. :onion108:

  13. I'd like a BBS, but am unsure of the value. Any idea?
  14. Yes. I am now using Kaspersky + Malwarebytes. Thx!
  15. Thank you. Windows updated, yesterday, then I got the notification. Mods, I think it's safe to close.
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