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  1. dont really know prices would love some input on that other then that just offer and we can find a price we all can enjoy Weapons: Phonon Maser [0/0/0/0|40] [Untekked] Zanba [0/35/0/30|30] Macho Blades [0/0/0/0|0] Lindcray [50/0/0/15|30]
  2. Lufic

    S> a few things

    Sure ill be in tonight at work now 12hrs from now ill be home. i believe so I will check when I get home Sure we can do that like I said earlier ill be home in 12hours from now
  3. ARREST NEEDLE +60 35/0/55/0/40h// SOLD QUASAR STAFF 45h 10dts/70pds HEAVEN STRIKER +25 0/25/0/0/35h SOLD GANONDORF SHIELD 12dts/84pds PPP mag 6pds wants DPC(i value it at 20dts) DTS/PDS
  4. Lufic

    Viande's shop

    sure, are dts fine?
  5. Lufic

    Viande's shop

    i would love to buy this one 😃
  6. Lufic

    R-78 mall

    151 unit Centurion/Arms 9pd 151 unit Centurion/Arms 98 unit PROOF OF SWORD-SAINT [Kills: 20080] 9pd Anti Lv: 7 x2 - (2pd) can i buy these?
  7. hello every one this is my list of items I am looking for I honestly don't know prices on everything and would like some insight. will add more if things come up. ratio on dt is 7:1 I believe Weapons Flowen sword(3084) w/hit Blade dance w/hit Guld:milla tools. D-Photon Core ? 20dts Items i already got Magic rock heart key Yamato with hit honeycomb reflector rupika Banana cannon luck material x27 1pd each hp material x185 5:1pd each V502 Yasha Chromatic orb 35pds/5dts mag with 0/126/72/2 4dts Flowen Shield Sue's coat x2 elenor mag 0/134/66/0
  8. Lufic

    can close

    i would like to buy 2 liberta kits mag cell for 3dts
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