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  1. Hello everyone. Good to see you all. My name is Wyatt, but most of my friends call me Varista. The topic of discussion for this thread is specifically is Phantasy Star Online. You might be familiar with this game, it's very special to a lot of us, myself included. Fact is, PSO has been dying for some time now. I have a deep passion for this game and its survival as I know lots of others also have. We all play PSO, this wonderful game has brought so many people together. Some of you have played more than others, but that hardly matters at this point. We all play, that's what matters the most—you might be wondering exactly why I say this? It's because I care about this game and the community within it. Through thick and thin this game has continued to draw in more and more attention after the death of the officials. It's because of the dedication to excellence that this community strives to maintain that makes this game such an overwhelming success in the face of absolute destruction. Phantasy Star is special in this way almost exclusively. A vibrant community ready to embrace every new and old player ready to engage themselves with this masterpiece. This game is by no means perfect and neither is everybody within this community... but that's what makes it even more special that despite everything we can come together and continue to grow this game into something much more than I think even Sega and Sonic Team even had the creative capacity for. Between the incredibly talented developers that continue to develop new and innovating content for each and every server that still stands to this day—to the work that the admins of these servers do to maintaining an environment that allows players like myself to continue playing with the friends I make—all the way to the people that dedicate themselves and their time to assisting in the publication of the game we spend hours and hours playing each night—this game thrives off the hard work and continued dedication of every single player that plays. I don't mean just this community, the individual server community that this thread might exist within, or the external chat service this message might reach out to. I am speaking to the PSO community. Despite dividing ourselves among several different platforms and servers, we all stand together under this one singular game as one single entity. You might even say that we are all the Stars in Phantasy Star. Each and every one of us. Not all of us may get along, as to be expected, not all of us play on the same platforms, or even really play on the same server, but we all play this game and we should unite our efforts together. Despite the differences, despite the setbacks, despite the grudges. We can and should drop the past, drop the issues and in-fighting and just settle things together. We should be fighting for this game and the people we love to be together with. I'm a Gamecube player, my friends are almost all Gamecube players. But I don't simply limit myself or restrict myself to such a platform, or the server in which I derive from. Settle your differences, settle your scores, and reset. I ask this of you, in addition to asking you to continue making this game amazing. If you're an artist that likes to make art of the game, continue to make art for it—if you're a video producer like myself that likes to spend hours and hours editing footage for this game, continue to record and edit—if you're a streamer that wants nothing more than to turn on your stream and see players come and hang out with you in the chat room to enjoy PSO together, continue streaming—if you're a developer that loves to create new and interesting ways for your fellow players to interact with the game, continue developing—if you're an admin that wants nothing more than to provide a place for your friends and fellow players to play on, continue to provide, and I will continue to play—if you're a fellow player that wishes to keep logging in every day and play with their friends and family that you enjoy this game so much with... keep logging on and playing. Please. Please keep doing what you are doing. There will always be competitiveness among different servers, but please try to keep it positive competitiveness. Please attempt to try to keep every aspect and point of view in mind when you remember this game and the people who play it. At the end of the day, we're all PSO players, we all love and cherish this game together. Keep things positive, don't burn bridges between different servers and admins. You may never know who will be around to help you in the future, you may never know what might happen. All I want for this game is to continue. That's my hope and dream. I will continue to do my part in getting players interested in this game that we have continued to keep alive through thick and thin over the many years. The death of the officials, didn't stop us, so nothing else should either. I appreciate everything each and every one of you do. This is my address to the PSO community. To the most faithful community to a game that was supposed to completely die so many years ago. Please keep playing Phantasy Star Online. Thank you for reading. -Varista
  2. Actually excited for this event tbh.
  3. Ephinea didn't remove ++ gear because they want to b vanilla, they removed ++ gear because they made no difference in the statistics compared to a non ++ version. Sega did this as a way to stop the randomization of their stat units for online. My guess is because they either couldn't handle coding it or because they just did't wanna worry about it. So when, on other servers, you hover over a ++ unit, it gives the base stats of the regular unit despite it being a ++ version. As an example, a Elf/Arm++ on Blue Burst, no matter what server, gives 7 ATA despite it being a ++ variant, which should give 9 ATA. Sega intentionally designed them this way. So Ephinea removing the units that have ++ or -- on them didn't change anything, they simply removed the ability to obtain them in the pool. No, also, not all players play PSO for the feeling of nostalgia. While I'm sure some players feel nostalgia when the play PSO, players of this game do not strictly play it for that reason. Do not speak for everyone. Adding new items to the game absolutely changes the state of the game from vanilla to custom. Every PSOBB server out right now is a custom server in their own way. And I've never seen anybody on Ephinea except for the die hard fanboys/girls even try to make the argument that Ephinea is a strictly vanilla server because that's silly. Ephinea, for all intents and purposes, is the closest thing to a vanilla BB server you can ever get right now. By saying adding things to the game that weren't in the game already to not be custom changes would be to completely change the definition of vanilla. I would be willing to wager that most people don't play Ultima because of how "vanilla" the game is. Quite the opposite. I was attracted to Ultima because it was the complete opposite. So many people like to clamor to vanilla experiences but Ultima was always a server you could go to if you wanted neat server exclusives and changes to the game that made it fun in new ways. I would say most people like Ultima for that reason; because it's not bound to the same arbitrary play requirements like other servers seem to be tied down by.
  4. Part of the reason why I stopped playing despite how much I love the premise of the server is that I needed to have 80 hit for all my weapons to be successful. Not even getting lucky and getting 40-50 hit on weapons is enough to reasonably take on Ultimate. The EVP buff always seemed way too much to me. If you got rid of the EVP buff, I'd play this server way more often because I'd feel less hindered because I don't have 80 hit on everything. To compensate for that, if you wanted I'd be down to see more ATP on these enemies. Make them hit harder to compensate? Totally fine to me. But the only thing that would bring me back consistently to this server, is making it so I don't feel at a disadvantage at all times while playing; a big proponent of that is the EVP buff making it harder for me to hit things.
  5. This server actually exists while SEGA servers do not. It's that simple really.
  6. Like just outright taking screen shots from other servers and other places. Or how about taking the banner of Ultima, most likely without any permission, right off their site to use in their video?
  7. I watched the youtube video and honest didn't understand a single second. He was just posting memes and a bunch of stolen screens from other people and calling it "news" He also called the schthack wiki, something that's been around for almost 3 years now, "news". I don't really know what he's trying to accomplish. Maybe I'm just not getting it.
  8. I feel like just accepting that some things are going to be worse than others is part of this game's experience. Huney is just a solo class like Ramarl is. They fit that niche fairly well so use them that way and then make a Ramar or a Racast or Hucast for team play. I would even go far as to say to make a Melee Fomar/Fomarl for team play as well. Or be literal God and play Melee Fonewm aka Assblaster. That's a little bit of a stretch for you normal people though.
  9. I can't believe I got email notifications for this.
  10. I mean I agree to remove it as its annoying but if you really liked to sit in lobby and listen to the lobby music couldn't you just do the /lobbyevent command to find an event with music you like?
  11. I guess right here is a good a place of any to start. Ultima's Engine on Greenil Ultimate Episode 4 Kondrieu confirmed. Just picked one up about 10 minutes ago.
  12. EFR

    Mock GM Election!

    Oh gee thanks, lol @rayblasterx
  13. Fair enough, I did think that having more ATP than Ultima DF was a little overwhelming for a saber type weapon that is easier to make than DF. I'm actually fairly content with where the ATP sits right now. Thanks for the responses!
  14. Hey, so, I was just fooling around a little bit in Spaceships, just checking the game out again and I was using Hundred Souls and it felt weaker. Did it recently get some sort of damage alteration of some kind? I seem to remember this weapon being way stronger for some reason?
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