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  1. Just make Wilson owner dude, problem solved.
  2. I mean just like 3 weeks ago he was on the discord railing into me about how my quest was shit and terrible and I should just delete it because it was a waste of space. I can speak from personal experience here, if anybody did or said the kind of abhorrent shit that Wilson says to people on a daily basis over at Schthack they would be banned immediately. Staff or otherwise. No server tolerates the kind of thing he says to people on a daily basis like this server does. I can tolerate Wilson specifically targeting me for stuff (Staff have admitted that he goes out of his way to target me) because I’m thicker skinned than most people are but I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said I wanted to play here with him around. I just don’t feel like I’m respected as a veteran player on this server with him target harassing me when ever he has the chances to do so while Staff just sit around and let him say whatever he wants. Whether he wants to admit it or not, he does represent the server in some way with his actions, and all people are seeing when they come to Ultima is how Wilson is acting. Wilson is just a toxic player in general. There’s no way to explain it otherwise and I won’t say that I haven’t also been toxic in the last a few times but eventually we all grow up and learn from our mistakes and be better people; that has not happened with Wilson and will likely never happen with Wilson.
  3. it went so well the last time
  4. It's easy to sit around and say that you know all about what makes a good quest because you played the game a lot. Your quest record isn't exactly extraordinary and you make it seem like being able to play a quest dozens if not hundreds of times and over the course of that play time get good at the quest means that you have any right to judge what internally makes a good quest. You don't, and anybody that plays a quest enough will eventually become good at it. The ease of learning a quest or the ability to speedrun it does not equate the quest to being too simple, that's simply not the case. Eventually everybody will learn quests. If we judged all quests by that standard then no quest is creative, no quest is good, and no quest is challenging because eventually everybody will learn it down to a tee. It's really easy to sit around and act like you know what you're talking about but you don't. We're not arguing what the best routes or tactics for speedruns are, we're discussing the internals of quest design something with all your 0 hours in Qedit and 0 quest releases is something I'm sure you can understand would seem frustrating to some one like Shiida who has thousands of hours put into the program, some pretentious speed runner telling her that her quest is lazy because spawns are all facing one single direction when there's not much else to do variance wise anyways is insulting. You are insulting the work people put in and you have no right to sit around and judge, considering, as I said, you have 0 experience with it. You're quite literally just a guy playing the quests. And I say this to anybody that takes this tactic. Have feedback, but dont insult people's hard work (and it is hard, go try using Qedit, it's a nightmare 99% of the time) because hurr durr I could spam DM during it, which is another point I'll make. DM spam, DF spam, its all the same thing. Across all servers people will use what's best and its absolutely pointless to make comments about how other people play when its just the best option. If I was on Ephinea all the rangers are using charge arms. Its just charge arms spam. On Ultima its DM, or DF. It's just dark weapon spam. On Schthack the rangers just use Bragi or Annihilator. Its just Bragi or Annihilator spam. 0 point in arguing that, 0 point in complaining about it. All people will use whats best for them. Bringing it up as a point of interest to pin people down on quest design only sounds like: "People using the best stuff in your quest and succeeding makes your quest design lazy". That makes total sense.
  5. You don't. It's way harder to do even the slightest possible thing in Qedit, and there's a lot more to a well thought out quest than how the waves are spaced or the monster diversity. It's one of many ways the quest becomes unique.
  6. Sorry Larva I forgot to ping you about starting the event this year my b
  7. Saw this change coming from a mile away; bravo to you guys for doing it and having a community that actively supports 4p games. I envy you guys lol.
  8. It's not very hard to do either. We have two separate counts of presents, one real and one not real. Real ones range from a variety of items in a set loot table for each difficulty and the presents have a set stat pool which includes singular percentages (like 31% or 26%, etc) & it also grants the opportunity to obtain Excalibur and TJS with three percentages that stick as well (albeit with a little bit of a log off-log in work around). Fake presents are basically just regular items with the "Present" untekk classification on them. They do not cause you to get the rare drop notification. We made the real presents drop at around 1/1000 on all enemies, which ends up translating really well. For added flavor, you could do what I did and change the rare item pick up text to something like, for example: "Ultima has received a rare item from Soly-claus!" or "Ultima has received a present from Shiida-claus!" etc. Mine for this year was "XYZ has received a gift from Varista-claus!". It's quite fun, and seems to lift community spirits up. I would highly recommend that you put the time and effort in to get it to work.
  9. Like with a lot of things on Ultima, you could make it an option for the players to manually turn on and off the differences in monster stats. For those interested in a harder challenge with the current boosted EVP and resistances can still turn it on but those that aren't could manually turn it off?
  10. There isn't even 800 individual people playing PSO in general right now how do you have 800 members across 5 teams?
  11. I like the general authenticity that Ultima has as a server. it's unique, I like that. Criticism (and solution I guess) is to stop all the pointless bitch complaining. Talk in chatbox and forum topics and be civil but the moment either party starts to be dicks about it just mute them and leave it. Most people here are in their mid 20's and 30's. Just act like adults. If you cant talk in a chatbox without trying to offend some one on purpose or calling people names and getting defensive you should just be muted permanently and left alone. My personal idea I guess.
  12. Starting to sound an awful lot like Emewn right now.
  13. Who woulda thought that an event catered to the literal single thing on PSO that Wilson actually enjoys somehow managed to be a complete farse because the submissions didn't cater to his retarded false sense of elitism. Who could have possibly guessed this would happen? The whole server, probably. Sad thing is I actually believed you'd be honest about this since your only redeeming quality as a PSO player is that you're passionate about TA and improvement via TA. But even this shows that's about as disingenuous as everything else you claim to be about. Between the lack of rewards for the people who participated and the blatant lack of respect you have for the other players of Shiida's team, I can't say I'm particularly surprised that you've, once again, fallen flat on your face. Last Time attack is absolutely right. Please don't try doing this again lol. It's embarrassing.
  14. Shady business practices most likely
  15. But @Emewn only takes private PM trades where nobody else can see what is being offered and for how much so make sure you do the exact opposite of that and ask him what he wants on his trade topic.
  16. Everything checks out, Mandalore. All systems are green.
  17. Why does it look like the person writing this intended to write an essay for all the weapons but after 3 of them realized he had to write them for 11 weapon types and gave up after the first 3?
  18. I dont play here often anymore, because I got everything I wanted within a matter of a year or two and then stopped playing. As did 80% of this server's community. I don't think you can even argue that the difference between 80 players on the regular and 15 players on the regular is massive. I also didn't say it was dead, I said the server's life span is shorter because of how much easier it is to get what you want. That alongside the p2w model the server possesses that really turns people off. I like this server for what it is, but it's undeniable that making games like this easier makes the lifespan significantly shorter.
  19. Sometimes you're going to have to understand that you aren't entitled to getting something on this game just because you put the effort in. You're just gonna have to accept that you may not get what you want, hunting or not. But making it easier isn't the answer. Making it easier makes the server mode dead, and this server already had a VERY limited life span given how easy it is.
  20. As Wilson said, it's already easy enough to get things here as it is, and to make it even easier would be borderline laughable. All you would do is enable people to get everything they want and quit even faster than people already have been doing. Look at your population, 19 people a day? Yeah, and you wanna increase drops to be even easier? Do the math dude, it's not hard. Also, I don't know how you could possibly see me saying that is equal to saying to stop suggesting and to stop caring. I never said that, or insinuated it. You can care all you want and suggest all you want, but as the poll shows, you're one of the minority. Majority doesn't want it. I'm simply informing you of a copy cat server that makes things even easier to find and makes it even easier for you to quit the game if you're not content with having to actually hunt for 3 hours for something. God forbid you actually have to hunt in a grind game about hunting things. Golly.
  21. I think if you wanted an extremely dummed down version of Ultima like you're suggesting you could just move to Destiny.
  22. Hello everyone. Good to see you all. My name is Wyatt, but most of my friends call me Varista. The topic of discussion for this thread is specifically is Phantasy Star Online. You might be familiar with this game, it's very special to a lot of us, myself included. Fact is, PSO has been dying for some time now. I have a deep passion for this game and its survival as I know lots of others also have. We all play PSO, this wonderful game has brought so many people together. Some of you have played more than others, but that hardly matters at this point. We all play, that's what matters the most—you might be wondering exactly why I say this? It's because I care about this game and the community within it. Through thick and thin this game has continued to draw in more and more attention after the death of the officials. It's because of the dedication to excellence that this community strives to maintain that makes this game such an overwhelming success in the face of absolute destruction. Phantasy Star is special in this way almost exclusively. A vibrant community ready to embrace every new and old player ready to engage themselves with this masterpiece. This game is by no means perfect and neither is everybody within this community... but that's what makes it even more special that despite everything we can come together and continue to grow this game into something much more than I think even Sega and Sonic Team even had the creative capacity for. Between the incredibly talented developers that continue to develop new and innovating content for each and every server that still stands to this day—to the work that the admins of these servers do to maintaining an environment that allows players like myself to continue playing with the friends I make—all the way to the people that dedicate themselves and their time to assisting in the publication of the game we spend hours and hours playing each night—this game thrives off the hard work and continued dedication of every single player that plays. I don't mean just this community, the individual server community that this thread might exist within, or the external chat service this message might reach out to. I am speaking to the PSO community. Despite dividing ourselves among several different platforms and servers, we all stand together under this one singular game as one single entity. You might even say that we are all the Stars in Phantasy Star. Each and every one of us. Not all of us may get along, as to be expected, not all of us play on the same platforms, or even really play on the same server, but we all play this game and we should unite our efforts together. Despite the differences, despite the setbacks, despite the grudges. We can and should drop the past, drop the issues and in-fighting and just settle things together. We should be fighting for this game and the people we love to be together with. I'm a Gamecube player, my friends are almost all Gamecube players. But I don't simply limit myself or restrict myself to such a platform, or the server in which I derive from. Settle your differences, settle your scores, and reset. I ask this of you, in addition to asking you to continue making this game amazing. If you're an artist that likes to make art of the game, continue to make art for it—if you're a video producer like myself that likes to spend hours and hours editing footage for this game, continue to record and edit—if you're a streamer that wants nothing more than to turn on your stream and see players come and hang out with you in the chat room to enjoy PSO together, continue streaming—if you're a developer that loves to create new and interesting ways for your fellow players to interact with the game, continue developing—if you're an admin that wants nothing more than to provide a place for your friends and fellow players to play on, continue to provide, and I will continue to play—if you're a fellow player that wishes to keep logging in every day and play with their friends and family that you enjoy this game so much with... keep logging on and playing. Please. Please keep doing what you are doing. There will always be competitiveness among different servers, but please try to keep it positive competitiveness. Please attempt to try to keep every aspect and point of view in mind when you remember this game and the people who play it. At the end of the day, we're all PSO players, we all love and cherish this game together. Keep things positive, don't burn bridges between different servers and admins. You may never know who will be around to help you in the future, you may never know what might happen. All I want for this game is to continue. That's my hope and dream. I will continue to do my part in getting players interested in this game that we have continued to keep alive through thick and thin over the many years. The death of the officials, didn't stop us, so nothing else should either. I appreciate everything each and every one of you do. This is my address to the PSO community. To the most faithful community to a game that was supposed to completely die so many years ago. Please keep playing Phantasy Star Online. Thank you for reading. -Varista
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