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  1. How would I also get these items then? Thanks for the help though greatly appreciate it
  2. As I make my way up with my main character, do the retrieval quests that you can do ever give you the mentioned item? Or is it just a gauntlet with enemies?
  3. As of writing, I am a level 112 greenill ranger chasing power as well as weapons. I need a better shotgun and I cant seem to locate anything to chase from here. I have a standard/shotgun/AoE gun to use, but where or what can I do to get a better weapon for this? I need a better AoE weapon that's realistic for me to obtain. Any recommendations or pointers? As the server being up many years and plenty of content it's hard to find up to date guides for ranger weapons. I can do up to Very Hard relatively easily. TL;DR please point me to find a better Aoe/Shotgun as a greenill ranger
  4. How would I get this centurion battle? And thank you as well. I was using a lower tiered version of the battle items on my character.
  5. Were they ever toned down in a time you remember? And thanks for your help. I swear they were more noticeable some time ago
  6. Howdy howdy, I got back on PSO because I really had nothing better to play. I equipped the general battle and v101/ but still remembering that they cannot stack to add the attack bonus. Now it doesn't seem like they effect anything at all, am I just stupid or did something drastic happen? Thank you to any advice or help with this in advance. I feel dumb. If you have any specific questions about it too, just let me know
  7. Thanks for defending me. When I get attacked for pointing out enemies that are sponges it's never fun. It would be a different story if they had base stats but did 2x as much damage, but they did more than just change one enemy. I'd rather have a voice discussion about this, and if you guys are up for it add me on discord. click2winipod#2761
  8. Because there isn't any other way to play the game, rather than a "newer" player to slog through it. No other difficulty modes which makes the game easier. My argument is game flow, and how easy it would be to transition. I'm not asking for no grind, I'm asking for an achievable one. I love rpgs. I don't want it to be easy either.
  9. But even on the gamecube and dreamcast version-(to some extent, monsters were harder in the dc version than the gc version) you could probably go to the next difficulty or area without any trouble. Independently. The hard part is getting to the next area, and getting better equipment. With rares, and handouts, it made the process quicker. The gap between normal ruins, and hard forest is gigantic. That's my problem. Even with a level 55~ ranger I was still struggling to kill things quickly. And a level 40~ Human hunter with a photon claw and a 45 pow and 50 dex mag, and normal ish equipment.
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