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  1. I'm thoroughly looking forward to chasing specific Summer event related items. When will the Summer event start? Thank you in advance and I appreciate it.
  2. I appreciate the replies and a reminder about a brutal scene in Hereditary. Thank you.
  3. I have mostly been doing TTF for most of my solo leveling. Is there a more efficient or more recommendable thing to be doing? Let me know and thank you in advance. I greatly appreciate it.
  4. Thank you for the help. This seems pretty good and thank you
  5. I'm getting back to Blue Burst again and thoroughly enjoying the 5x experience rate. Does anyone know what the best way to farm Christmas presents is and which quest? I'm happy to take advice and I look forward to any and all responses. Thank you in advance and happy holidays.
  6. How would I also get these items then? Thanks for the help though greatly appreciate it
  7. As I make my way up with my main character, do the retrieval quests that you can do ever give you the mentioned item? Or is it just a gauntlet with enemies?
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