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  1. Hello, I'd love to purchase a BBS for photon drops. Please dm me on this forum or on my discord of click2winipod Thank you in advance and I greatly appreciate it
  2. Hello, I'm seeing to buy the items listed above. Please DM me or on my discord of click2winipod. Looking to spend 25+ photon drops, and a mixture of trading. Thank you in advance and I greatly appreciate it.
  3. Hello, please dm me if interested.
  4. Hello, and thank you for visiting this forum post. I've currently got plenty of items for sale for particularly photon drops, and if any items are even worth donation tickets, that's fair game as well. I'm quite ignorant on the true value of certain items, and if you want to lowball me, I may be none the wiser. Please dm me on this forum, or my discord of click2winipod +0 IDentified Hell Gladius; 50% mach, 50% dark, 30% hit +0 ID Galantine; 10% nat, 35% hit +0 ID Galantine; 35% nat, 55% dark +0 ID Blade Dance; 50% dark, 30% hit +0 ID Cross Scar; 20% dark +4 ID Burning Raygun; 35% nat, 50% beast +0 Unknown Raygun; 30% beast, 30% dark, 40% hit, +0 ID Justy-23ST; 40% mach, 35% dark +0 ID Rianov 303SNR-4; 45% nat, 30% dark, +7 ID Soul Vulcan; 45% Nat, 35% hit +0 Unknown Vulcan; 15% beast, 15% mach, 25% hit +0 Unknown Dragon Slayer; 25% mach, 25% hit +0 Unknown Frozen Shooter; 25% beast, 20% hit +0 Unknown DB's Saber; 30% beast, 15% dark, 20% hit +0 Unknown Sange; 40% mach, 25% hit +0 ID Sange; 35% nat, 40% beast, 30% dark +0 Unknown Sange; 25% beast, 10% mach, 30% hit +0 U Mahu; 35% beast, 35% dark +0 U Mahu; 20% mach, 25% dark +0 U Mahu; 25% nat, 30% hit +0 U Mahu; 30% dark, 30% hit +80 ID Serene Swan; 45% nat, 35% mach +0 Unknown Red Handgun; 40% beast, 15% mach, 30% hit +0 Unknown Red Handgun; 20% beast, 15% mach +0 IDed Serene Swan; 35% mach +0 U Serene Swan; 25% mach +0 U Serene Swan; 25% dark +50 IDed Dual Bird V101 Centurion Luck x2 Centurion TP x5 Def Materials x 130 Evade Materials LOL x70
  5. I purchased an adept, thank you.
  6. Hello, I'm looking to purchase a maximum of thirty three luck mats. I'm willing to trade PDs or other materials for these items, and thank you in advance. DM on the forum here, or on my discord of; click2winipod Thank you in advance and I greatly appreciate it.
  7. Hello, I'm seeking to purchase a Crush Cannon with some hit. Please let me know when you're free and available to do so. Please DM me on this forum, or my discord of; click2winipod. Thank you in advance and I greatly appreciate it.
  8. Realistically, and why I'm so focused on it right now, is to not have to worry about the Ult Ep1 lillies whilst farming for more Serene Swans, and then to grind the higher resistant demanding areas later. Just evening out stats and chasing the higher up items
  9. Hello, I'm currently selling an identified Serene Swan with 45% native and 35% machine. These are the only percentages on this identified +0 Serene Swan. I'd prefer photon drops, or a mixture of PDs and Centurion Resistances. Please DM me on this form, and my discord is: click2winipod. Thank you in advance, and I hope to hear from those that are willing when they're available. I'm in EST and will be the most available from 1700 - 2100 EST on most days.
  10. Thank you so much and I greatly appreciate it. Realistically, two to three Cent/Res would be my best avenue of towards 100 EDK, and they're cheaper than I expected them to be.
  11. Hello, and thank you to any great answers in advance. I'm attempting to maximize my EDK resistance in a realistic way that does not take two hundred, or "illegal" items. Mine is currently at sixty, and I'd love any real pointers to obtaining this. Thank you, and I greatly appreciate your help.
  12. Cent Battle Ep 1 Ult Dark Falz Oran confirmed
  13. Thank you. That's incredibly helpful and I greatly appreciate it. Fantastic idea
  14. Thank you. I'm assuming World of Illusion is a rewarding quest? I'm still rather ignorant when it comes to the best quests.
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