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  1. HUcast Can't FO!

    Hucast atp plus 30 sdjz it beyond breaking the games balance lol So no this is never happening lol
  2. Rollback Number 2

    <33333333 runescape hehe
  3. we should play with x1 mulyiplier like it should be lol Lv200 is meaningless if it takes a day-2 with 5x (depending how hard you grind, its possible ive done it)
  4. not gonna lie armando but your does look abit whiney ^.-
  5. Art's and Craft's

    posting mine now i guess xD
  6. dressing room doesnt allow class change but it does allow name changeeliminate name change and it be a great idea
  7. Art's and Craft's

    i agree 100%
  8. So Next Event

    trust me , combo is where its at if it had 100hit i would still shop that how useless it is to me but thats my opinion
  9. So Next Event

    why you add hit to a locked lk38 idk
  10. Rare spawn rates?

    well before we had Rare Monsters active , it is currently turned off now , this is why you dont see nearly the amount of rare monsters spawning
  11. Forest offensive simulator only red player gets prize rest will dc if they try imo best way to get tp mats is to do a bunch of phantasmal world quest in ep2 after completing it u can talk to the girl and get Lucky Coins for the gallons shop roulette , imo this iscthe fastest way
  12. Item Donations.

    donations., wait for larva to approve via pm and black crystal cannot be donated for sorry
  13. need rollback on kat andpeach ?bugs

    translation for andres The GC does not match the picture I post has bug, then what happens??