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  1. My offer is 2x ftd Kroes sweater And a elenore mag 6def 117 power 71dex May trade something else if the elenor is unwanted
  2. How much u offering?
  3. Hey guys will be in in 11hours from biw :-D
  4. Hey guys will be in in 11hours from biw :-D
  5. dekukid1

    b> pcs

    May have them I have just bourgh some so dont need atm
  6. dekukid1

    b> pcs

    Let me know how many u got and price
  7. yeah im in lobby one as deku kid
  8. ok in game name please? Im in lobby one or find me in game over the next hour as deku kid
  9. Selling some stuff Ftds x2 20 pd each Kroes 20pd Sato 10 140 50 15pds yellow pink sold Agastya mag 10 160 30 18pds white Rag rappy mag stats to be up but 10pds Smart link 3pds Honey comb reflector 5pds L and k combats 50hit 2pds Dbs shield x2 1pd V101 5pds
  10. Aahh thank you have done it :-D cheers for the help
  11. Hey guys so I have all the sheilds for fron the depths, I have dbs secret gear derolle flowens the other one that has just slipped my mind lol, but yeah I do claires deal 5 on normal as I was told? And the option for making the ftds isnt appearing in the list of items I can make? How the hell do I make the damn thing??
  12. Let me know what u want for it
  13. sorry dude wasnt on im on now thou
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