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  1. The Gamecube/Xbox release did not have any offline story quests in ep2, just downloadable bonus quest (e.g. seat of the heart). Blue Burst adds the Government Quests as an alternative to all episodes, which lead you through each area in turn (and have some useful set rewards on ultimate for the 'boss levels', like 40hit vjaya for example). You can find them in the Lab from Natasha in a multiplayer room. They are labeled as 5-1, 5-2, 5-3, 5-4, 6-1, 6-2, etc. (continuing count from ep1). They can also be uniquely joined by others midquest unlike most quests.
  2. I got a and b rank prize not long ago on hucaseal (yellow ring and hunter field stored in her bank), though she had long ago gotten s-rank. I do have another old char (humar) ready to receive b-rank and the newer cmode char (fonl) that only needs 1 stage for s-rank. Let's do a few stages soon and test out to see if its all chars, all recent chars, or only your specific run that bugged out.
  3. Invalid Login Credentials means the username/password you typed in was incorrect. Note that Forum Account and Game Account are separate things. If you had accidentally typoed your password signing up and don't know how you mispelled it, then you can use the Account Recovery and Password Change pages to be able to reset the password to the account using the email you signed up with. @bunnygwen If something went wrong with the validation, then you may need to pm @Soly to verify you manually.
  4. Man that magazine must have been from before it was even a part of the phantasy star series (iirc the game was originally an independent ip and only became part of the phantasy star series later in development, similar to games like star fox adventures). This is a fantastic find though, if i manage to find the time I want to try and emulate the prototype, there's often fascinating discoveries in prototypes like this.
  5. It has been proposed before, and I've even written such things into design notes for armors Ive made (e.g. neutron skin supposed to have same effect as brightness circle), but it's not always so easy to do in practice. We have managed some crazy things before (sacred bow bullets, fire rod / bombchu animation swaps, macho blade s/d level increase from s-red), but don't hold your breath on it. If it does become possible to do I'll def want to go back and add a bunch to random armors (it's criminal that only fonewm can have smoking plate effect).
  6. Fyrewolf5

    Skin guide!

    the link still works in the wayback machine https://web.archive.org/web/20190614092920/http://psodev.free.fr/outilPSO/AFS/AFSManager.rar However, this skin guide is a bit outdated. The current topic on using custom skins is here, with the new method which allows toggling specific skins on and off much easier : https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/29355-custom-textures-and-other-files/
  7. While there are certain quests with npc companions, I don't think there is a way to do that universally.
  8. open menu (home or f12) select Customize Select any pallete slot In the full action list that pops up, simply hover over the desired move and hit a number ??? Profit
  9. Power Glove can stunlock just like this, but the thing about having only level 15 max tech is that in addition to 801, you must hit vol as he's on the final screen turning to face you (just like in the vid). The timing is a bit tight on it. It is interesting to see ramar partisan is technically fast enough (though power glove was designed to be an ideal weapon for it). 20+gz and 801 will stunlock without any additional factors, but for 15 you must get it at that final screen turn to stunlock.
  10. i managed to find those stats while running restless lion, let me know when you are available
  11. that sounds like your antivirus may be blocking the update. Make sure to whitelist the folder in your antivirus and run the launcher as admin. if that doesnt work let me know.
  12. I've seen sonic knuckle from zoa but i dont remember the id i was on. i have a feeling it was viridia though. they aren't all guitars.
  13. whitill Vhard Mines - Rambling May Probably a canabin
  14. Gulgus-gue - New Years Card Purplenum, Skyly, Viridia Dark Falz - Girasole Purplenum
  15. No, it's just for damage variance like R-78 said. Excal's atp is 900-950, meaning it will choose a random number between 900 and 950 to use for damage calculations. Some weapons do not have any variance, like demolition comet and psycho raven, and will hit the exact same damage number every time, but the majority of weapons have an atp variable (but it's usually negligibly small, like <20). Shifta bonus does affect atp variable and is added to the max, but the minimum is unchanged. So while a demolition comet may always add 530 atp +25gr, a meteor cudgel (300-560 atp, +15gr) will have its 260 atpVariable boosted to 384, resulting in 330-714atp with shifta30 when grinded (displayed as +714 only). However, while atpVar scaling sounds cool it's not actually great; since the average atp is still only 522, it's actually still weaker than demo comet (even if it can randomly hit much harder since the variance is so inconsistent). So really, all of this is moot anyway. Vol Opt Gizonde and PB Golla / Farla / Pilla scaling do only care about displayed max atp though, so high atp weapons with high variables like Crimson Sword can be strong with buffs.
  16. We already have 'variant' weapons for sealed j-sword (hell sword) and tsumikiri j-sword (pb wave). Ultima Reaper is functionally an all class sjs, and Master Sword is a hunter + force tjs. I do think it's an interesting suggestion, but I don't really see where a new tjs variant could fit in well. It is perhaps something to consider for other weapons though. Thank you for the suggestion.
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