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  1. great event seems really cool, good luck to all on the path of the hero
  2. this year event looks amazing!
  3. Happy Birthday.

  4. kiros

    0(s) Bug

    i dont see that blank spaces, weird what browser and version do you have? also can you post the URL from where are you accessing the forum, thanks
  5. kiros

    0(s) Bug

    i dont se anything wrong i see all ok yo no miro nada raro a mi me aparece bien
  6. Happy Birthday.

  7. Photon D-Core OK, as some users know this is our second anniversary, and past year with putted photon D-core to drop this same month so we are going to do the same this year but also we are gonna add some more extra fun. here the details of what is going to include this whole event. Photon D-Core Nakas Card, for S- Ranks weapons exchange Drops x3, for the whole server Experience x2 Rare monsters x5 Drops. Dark Falz Ultimate (drop %5.427400 x3 %16.2822) Nakas Card Redria Whitil Yellowbooze Purpelum Oran Olga Flow Ultimate (drop %3.134700 x3 %9.4041) D-Core Green
  8. happy b day :'D

  9. hola, solo keria saber ke es un root admin ¿es mas alto ke gm?

    un saludo

  10. vrez

    Happy birthaday.


  11. Hey man, happy birthday!

    Keep those servers running man, Fantastic job thus far.

  12. hola auron respecto a tu mensaje privado parece que ya esta solucionado no? y el server down ya esta up espero puedan jugar como regularmente lo hacen
  13. Oh felicidades Chico, ya son tres decadas las que cumples. Que tengas un buen dia , que los 30 no se cumple siempre (Como cada año xDD) Suerte :P

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