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  1. Ah. I come from Osaka, Japan! It's a pleasure to meet you!
  2. @Choko ご丁寧な説明ありがとうございます。 今しがた@mudkipzjmと @Solyのコメントを読みました。 わざわざありがとうございました。 @mudkipzjm, @Soly Thank you so much! This definitely helps a lot! Thank you!
  3. Hi! I have just recently found out Ultima Blue Burst and I wanted to play this game again just like I did back on the Dreamcast. However, after I downloaded the update and launcher, I saw that it installed music that I was not to fond of hearing in the lobby. I tried deleting the custom OGG music folder but the launcher kept installing them back. Is there anyway I can essentially "remove" the custom OGG music? It's not that I absolutely hate these tracks, but I just want to play the game with only the official soundtrack. You may type your answer in English, but Japanese would be very appreciated.
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