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  1. Yes! Everything is back. Thanks DJIJ, no problem with the delay.
  2. Cool thanks. I'm just glad to get attention on this post. Yeah when ever you have a chance dj, I'm not in a hurry.
  3. Just curious, did I post this right? I'm guessing that what I need is a rollback, and I didn't specifically say that. lol
  4. Ok, I was about to drop an L&K38 Combat for Oblivion to use and then I got disconnected right after I dropped it. I came back and checked my inventory to see if I still had it or if he got it and all of my inventory was ????. The first picture is a few seconds before getting disconnected and the second is right after logging on. This happened around 12:40 am est. not sure what the game clock said. My guild card #42012762 Slot #2 I know the first image doesn't show the inventory... but you can see that I have things like kapu kapu, standstill shield, cannon rouge, and electro frame equipped. As always, thank you for your time!
  5. Do you have any power to fix my problem? I'll give you the soul eater if I ever get to those quests, and if you didn't already get it since I saw you a few days ago.
  6. Still haven't been able to take a picture of the problem before it freezes. But instead, today I got a message after getting frozen stating: "The instruction at 0x007272a9 referenced memory at 0x00000012. The memory could not be read." Does anybody know what this jargon means? or if I could just fix it myself? Thanks.
  7. I get disconnected immediately if I try to take anything from my common bank. If I may I'd like to just get it wiped, I only have 4 things in there anyway. Thank you My Guild Number is: 42012762
  8. Thanks all, I guess I didn't think to double check for an add exceptions list.
  9. Ok after hours of trying to re-download and reinstall, I finally figured out that my Error Code: 2 was popping up because AVG kept removing PsoBB application. It said that the application is infected with Win32/Heur, and had said this after every time I had reinstalled and re-downloaded. Does anybody know anything about AVG software and knows away to permanently ignore this without disabling the resident shield? or where I can find the PsoBB.exe without the "virus"? Thanks.
  10. Not sure if anybody fixed it, if so thanks. If not I think I solved the problem so never mind lol.
  11. I have recently (02/13/11) been experiencing a problem with my inventory. It says that 26/30 is the maximum amount of space I have on my person. It will let me pick up items until I go past 26 items and then I get an error message saying my inventory is full and then disconnecting me (I have pictures if that helps), instead of hearing the sound of my inventory being full. I recently cleared my common bank of glitched items, and there were a few ??? items that I couldn't drop before getting disconnected. This may be the cause of the inventory problem, so I'm wondering if just my inventory can be wiped or reset? Guild Card #42012762 This problem only affects the character in slot 1
  12. Yeah I guess that couldn't hurt. ok Guild Card # 42012762 Thank you Larva.
  13. my common bank, or all the banks? I don't need all of my banks cleared and the common one is already cleared out. I was just curious to know if the problem still exists even if there are no items in the bank. But thank you larva.
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