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  1. Downloading the game again.. Let's see if I can remember my account info xddddd

    1. Cyane


      welcome back!! >:3

    2. Xylene


      Downloaded it, starts up, I click launch and it crashes. Help pls?

    3. mrchibbs


      welcome back, idk how to help ^.^

  2. I kind of want to returm.. but don't remember any of my accounts' information.. xD I'll possibly come back, P.S. Players from over 2 years ago will remember me

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    2. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones


    3. Larva


      just send me a pm with what you remember or if any of your friends have your guildcard just let me know.

      also fix your avatar lol

    4. Fyrewolf5


      lol good luck with that, larva hasn't checked pm in over 2 months

  3. Welcome to the retired clan. We've been waiting for you. x)
  4. Xylene

    S> PS

    Photon Sphere. Used to sphere weapons of your choice. duh >_>
  5. What dafuq, I'm browsing through all these trades and I see you trolling about my stuff/account xD
  6. Xylene

    KajeX's Shop

    I offer Michael Mann's Wallet and Riot's Psycho Raven for the whole tradelist. Deal?
  7. Xylene


  8. 2 accounts with high characters, hmm. How would the buyer know that the characters are high-leveled? Also, how would they know if the account has weapons or not? I don't think trading a DM ( almost a unobtainable weapon besides when anniversary event is on ) for 2 accounts that are "high-leveled". Not trying to be mean here, just sayin'.
  9. No, he got banned for "borrowing" mio's DM and selling it. Now he's just hiding in an "alt" account of his.
  10. xD, I don't play much anymore. So give the items to KajeX or something xd
  11. I'm pretty sure he/she was banned for hacking as seen here: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/8286-hacker/
  12. This was caused by Broomop when he attacked the server. Everyone that was online at the time had their accounts/characters reset. Staff are working on it.
  13. Omg hai

    1. gmstone


      Hello mortal frog

    2. gmstone


      Hello mortal frog

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