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    Im a hucast main as much as id like to see hucast using a multihitting AF or FF i think that'd be a little bit too broken even if the atp is like 100 or so. Maybe if he couldnt use them, like with macho blades, then they'd be nice for other HUs as they dont have his ridiculously high atp. As for ultima bringers i definitively agree that i was disappointed with it as i expected it to actually pierce but instead its literally the same weapon on RAs and Foney but its harder to find and also harder to add hit to. I agree that the droprates on these weapons is a bit too high considering what they actually are. I mean if they were what we thought they were then that droprate would be completely understandable but for a wep thats outclassed by non-rare weps...well i don't know man....but then again droprates for events keep getting harder each year so im not the least surprised about it.
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    This coming from the guy who wants unlocked CR on human rangers. These 'elitests' have probably been playing on the server for years and know the difference between actually good and stupid OP. I'd rather the server contain some semblance of balance.
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    Dropped low. I already talked to her and said it was my fault for not checking room info. Thought it was gonna be hunter against hunter. Turns out it was my fault for assuming. Pmd her and asked her to not drop out and continue.
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    There are a bunch of elitists here who would rather see Ultima server stick to being as close to vanilla as possible. I'm certain a lot of common users are all for the multi-target versions. I'm not trying to call anybody a liar, but I can see why folks would say that it isn't possible for them to achieve multi-target on those weapons when they can. If Destiny devs can pull it off, I can't see why Ultima devs can't do it. However, those are the types of weapons I can imagine somebody like Firewolf saying no multi-target for. People are always waiting and hoping for new exclusive releases here that don't suck, but bad exclusive weapons are often what we get on here. Like I have not seen a single person use Outlaw Star except myself when I tried to like it. On one of my rangers I use outlaw star over hit hell rifle just so I can like it more, but I never did. It's still just a collectible to me unfortunately. What stands this server apart from Destiny is that Ultima is more the official server where you can get good and feel good about your accomplishments, because it's not so easy. On Destiny you can get good so easily, you just have fun wit it, especially cause of the well thought out exclusive gear. You'd still feel more proud of your Ultima account just because its the more official server. No offense to either server. I think both serve good purposes, and both are actually enjoyable.
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