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  1. TRIFORCE EVENT 2022 The 10th Triforce Event of Ultima has begun! Event Items Swords Master Sword Boomerang Magic Hammer Great Fairy Sword Bug-Catching Net Power Glove Stealth Sword Guns Bomb-Chu Sacred Bow Canes Fire Rod Zelda Magazine Units Centurion/Arms Centurion/Luck Centurion/Power Centurion/Resist Godric/Ability Shields Hylian Shield Ganondorf Shield Triforce Happy Hours will be logged here. - Good Luck -
  2. can u post ur card and ur frends card pls
  3. You mean Ultima-PSOBB instead destiny xd
  4. glad u got ur acc back have fun and welcome back
  5. If u still remember the email u used to register ur acc u can use this https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/password-change/ if u dont u can send a pm to soly or larva

    1. Rivaul


      Corrido puerco

  7. mir don @Rivaul


    1. Rivaul


      JAJAJAJAJAJA como asi don pornocorridos XDDD

    2. serverus


      jajajaj a si es don pura rola perrona

  9. hacer un trio si pa q lo niego pero un mal tercio q es muy diferente nah xd
  10. aaaaa ok pues me invitabas y haciamos un mal tercio xd
  11. a caray por q no? esta prohibido o q?
  12. tu recibiste mensage Mirajane Cruz?
  13. i didnt got any pm from her shame on me xd
  14. And talking about hunew why not make neis claw a real usefull wep, since its the only wep hunew has. im not saying make it a powerful broke just make it useful pls.
  15. L&k38 use to have combo unlock, its was broke more than the serene or other wep and most on hucast, i told larva to unlock it for male forces only and with a atp reduction. he just dont like my idea xd And if you unlock lindcray for humars, i think its a good idea to unlock ultimas bringer for hunew. It was the original idea ultima bringers only for humar and hunew no forces or rangers.
  16. I think its normal to feel that way when u are new on a server, all u need its enjoy the game no matter if u are good or bad experience will come at some point so dont worry enjoy the game.
  17. i think is enough troll so ill be closing this u can still read the treath or not u decide
  18. serverus

    Album de Washi

    good screenshot seem u love ur washi toon
  19. hh es una event lobby cambia el lobby y se cada media hora sale un annuncio donde te dice cuanto queda dura 3 horas y eso incrementa la probabilidad de q caigan cajas rojas o cosas raras
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