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  2. 元気いっぱい


  3. Literally any redria can farm lost shock gugnir on ep 2 on normal for addslots during green names. There is no point in making them more available when there is a command to change IDs Edit: I typically get 6-13 per run when I need to farm them w/o HH.
  4. Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, know what's even scarier ?


    1. Zabby


      I think spiders are even scarier 

    2. Virec


      I know what you mean,  I just made one of these changes recently :)

  5. i have plenty of last swans, you can have whatever one you want for free
  6. PBC on Whitill from Morfos e2 MU4
  7. Thx for your tips and insights bro, but I really think HUcast needs a buff and combo unlocked LK38 is a really great option to help make HUcast relevant again. I assure you, I am a pretty decent player, I beat dark falz like several times already. I'm more than qualified to have a respectable opinion (not trying to sound douchey, I want to be friends).
  8. Hucast is dope already 🤣 if you strive enough to max hit your weapons you’re set . Hucast is a powerhouse so just 80 hit your weapons and practice more 😛 Combo unlocked Lk38 on a hucast is OP af rendering psycho ravens useless for hucast even if Lk38 atp is really low do to hucast high ass atp. the only classes that would make it not so OP (IN MY OPINION) is Fomar and Fonewearl which for some reason just really suck
  9. I have a great idea to combo unlock the LK38 and actually balance it. Make it equipable by HUcast only. This way, we can both get all of our favorite item, the LK38 Combat, and buff HUcast at the same time, a class that (let's be honest) seriously needs a buff. Since only one class (that sucks anyways) can use it, it won't oversaturate the meta. And furthermore more people might be incentivized to play HUcast, which has been lagging behind in popularity.
  10. I don't have a screenshot but it was a Last Swan that was blank
  11. Or maybe something you could trade in for a max stack of meseta and visa versa like how PDs can be turned into PS and back
  12. Please post screenshots of the lost item.
  13. Virec

    Lost Item

    I just spoke with cool, he checked his banks and advised he doesnt have it ether :(
  14. I would like if meseta could stack. So you can keep it in one account. Instead of having it in multiple chars and multiple accounts
  15. Battle units/armors cant stack and theres already an armor for each battle unit so the point is to continue the series with the next upgrade which is cent battle.
  16. Single-player Episode 2 quest where Lemon sells stacks of ten mag feedable items at an increased price.
  17. This is an awesome idea. I wouldn't give it c/battle, but I think giving it devil/battle and allowing it to stack with another unit would be awesome. And set an attack speed cap for balance maybe? What's lemons shop?
  18. Meseta is free on this server lmao. Unlike other servers that meseta is actually worth something.
  19. I like the idea of making AddSlots more readily available, but I don't think Lemon's Shop is the place for it. Especially since meseta is actually kinda hard to come by early in the game.
  20. I traded for a Last Swan last night but it was during the time when the server was down. When I went to look for it today it was not there. Please Help!!! This is the conversation between Cool and me for the trade 21:11:16 42172233 Eliana well server is screwed so I can't get to my pds right now 21:11:25 42172233 Eliana I have 2 pds on me right now lol 21:11:41 42097796 cool deal i dont need it 21:11:48 42172233 Eliana kk make a room 21:12:19 Enter swan 21:12:38 42097796 cool got any crystals 21:12:56 42172233 Eliana nope not on this account 21:13:13 42097796 cool ok 2 pds 21:13:25 42172233 Eliana thanks
  21. How about an armor that follows the Nimaidou series for HUs with built-in cent battle ? Stats could be something like 250 dfp and evp and 20 or so to each resist
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