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  3. I think it'd add something for players who already have everything to do, especially when there's nothing going on.
  4. That's still a thing? Ppl complain a lot when we haved before. It could be cool to have it tho. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  5. this is sad another good person left this server :(

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  8. Has anyone thought about using this tool to upscale the textures in the game? People are using it to upscale the CGI background in FF7. I figured it might have good use here. link to the program: https://topazlabs.com/gigapixel-ai/ Link to the video showing its use in ff7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaEgc46FNWE
  9. Name: Fuchsia Age: 39 Preferred contact method: Discord Hobbies: Videogames, science fiction, starting to get into tabletop gaming Picture: See avatar A little more about your self: I'm totally new to PSO, having never had a Dreamcast or a Gamecube back in the day, but then while looking through websites about old games I read about how PSO is still going, and figured I'd try it.
  10. and i just played for hours and got to level 12+ and im hoping it auto saves because it froze at the armor guy....fuck.
  11. Oh just got it to work i think, at least i can put in a password now Hope to cya all in the game, might take me sometime to get used to using a keyboard, may the RNG gods shine on you all today
  12. Hey everyone excited to play this game again I have been missing it for 5+ years. Im having trouble getting started whats my userID? I have registered and got a guildcard number, neither the name I registered with or my number seems to let me log in, what am i doing wrong? The name stays red highlighted red and wont let me input a password
  13. Hello my idea's much other items Red Saber + Soul Booster = [Double Saber] [First] Red Cannon [55.000 Kills] of Double Red Cannon [+740-780 ATP] [+51 ATA] [+65 EVP] [+55 Grinder] Special: Energy Red Storm Class: Hunters --> [TOP weapon] Note: The special attack consumes 30% of your max HP to launch a 4 way Energy Red Storm.and Goal Targets: 10] Delsaber's Buster + Chromatic Orb = [Sword] Falz Buster [+700-750 ATP] [+70 ATA] [+80 DFP] [+70 Grinder] Special: Demon Class: Hunter & Force Spread Needle + Psycho Black Crystal = [Needle] Black Needle [+300-400 ATP] [+75 ATA] [+60 Grinder] Special: Demon Class: Ranger Twin Blaze + Chromatic Orb = [Double Saber] Inferno Blaze [+600-620 ATP] [+50 ATA] [+58 Grinder] Tech booster: 100% Foie/60% Gifoie/40% Rafoie Special Gifoie lv 12 Class: Hunter & Ranger Soul Banish + Soul Booster = [Partisane] ??? [633-633 ATP] [+46 ATA] [+35 Grinder] Special Berserk Class: Hunter & Force ??? Slicer: [+300-330 ATP] [+60 ATA] [+70 EVP] [+55 Grinder] [Targets:7] [Distance: 85.0] Special: Geist class: Only Force Number One Mechguns [+50-60 ATP] [+35 ATA] [+60 Grinder] Special: Beserker [Distance: 85.0] Class: Hunter Number Two Mechguns [+50-60 ATP] [+35 ATA] [+60 Grinder] Special: Spirit [Distance: 85.0] Class: Force Number One Mechguns + Number Two Mechguns [Fusion]= [+60-70 ATP] [+45 ATA] [+70 Grinder] Special: Charge [Distance: 100.0] Class: All Zero Divide + Soul Booster = Ice Dragon Divide (idk name): [+400-500 ATP] [+36 ATA] [+125 Grinder] Special: Mega Blizzard [Targets:3] [Normal Attack Targets:1] Raikiri + Soul Booster = ??? Sword [+700-840 ATP] [+60 ATA] [+90 Grinder] [+10 All Stats] Special: Energy Storm Note: The special attack consumes 30% of your HP max potentially reducing the user's HP to 0 killing him. Class: Hunter Holy Angel Spear [Partisane]: [+600-680 ATP] [+75 ATA] [+65 Grinder] Special: Arrest Tech booster: 80% Grants Class: Force Rika's Claw + Soul Booster= (Daggers) Twins Rika's : [+590 - 670 ATP] [+54 ATA] [+65 Grinder] [+10 All Stats] Tech Booster: +40% Gifoie Gibarta Gizonde Special: Arrest Class: All Cross Scar + ??? = ??? Daggers [ +360-400 ATP] [+30 ATA] Special: Gizonde LvL-15 Class: Cast Twin Chakram + ??? = ??? Daggers [+680-780 ATP] [+44 ATA] [+57 Grinder] Special: Hell Black King Bar + PBC = Dark King Bar [+680-790 ATP] [+52 ATA] [+80 Grinder] Special: Demon Class: Hunter & (maybe Force) Sue Coat + Soul Booster = New Armor: [350-350 DFP] [276-320 EVP] [EFR: 50 ETH: 30 EIC: 30 EDK: 50 ELT: 30] [+125 ATP] [Tech Booster: 100% Shifta & Deband & Resta] Class: Female ??? (Kantan) = [+800-850 ATP] [+60 ATA] [+50 Grinder] Special: Blizzard Wave --> [Distance: 85.0]--> Note: Pierce Class: HU ??? Fist = [+1200-1350] [+80 ATA] [+32 Grinder] Special Arrest (Targets: 3) (Distance: 20.0) Class: All PLANTAIN HUGE FAN + Chromtic Orbs = [+500-550 ATP] [+60 ATA] [+100 Grinder] Special: Aura Wind (Equip: ATP 800) Class: HU & FO DF Field (Armor) + PGF = DFP: 380 EVP: 380 [EFR:50 ETH:50 EIC:50 EDK: 50 ELT:50] Note: Dark Flow & Dark meteor 20% ATP up, Dark Bridge or Psycho Bridge Tech booster + 20% up and half cost TP Agito (1977) + Proof of Sonic Team = ??? (Kantan) [+500-600 ATP] [+60 ATA} [+250 Grinder] Special: Arrest Targets: 3 Class: HU & FO Excalibur + Proof of Sonic Team = [Twin Sword] Twin Excalibur [900-900] [+65 ATA] [+70 MST] [+50 Grinder] Special: Beserk [Targets: 3] Class: All Kasami Bracer + Soul Booster = Samurai Bracer (Shield) [DFP: 148-160] [EVP: 260-278] [+150 ATP] EFR: 30 ETH: 30 EIC: 20 EDK: 20 ELT: 10 Class: All I hope someone interests...
  14. Bring back the combo. The fact that it was removed at all is just rediculous. It went from being a rare sought after to being a rare you dint waste your time picking up. Made it a useless weapon.
  15. If you can't be a pencil to write someone's happiness, then try to be the eraser to remove their sadness...

  16. Dat necrobump is thicc You can check the Event exclusive items down here; If you have more questions feel free to ask in the chatbox or in the Ask a quick question topic: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/9827-ask-a-quick-question-get-a-quick-answer/page/264/
  17. How come on the ULTIMA drop table I cant find cent/arms? Only heaven arms?
  18. Last week
  19. I mean this weapon are old model may not uppen the other Hit & Special only the old model so I do not use an old model weapon so no interest in Momoka thanks for mini event and good luck...
  20. Yeah, if there is a way to implement some other form of failsafe to keep people from wasting the combiners it would be the way to go. I could see, like you mentioned, someone using a Soul Booster on a Hundred Souls without knowing it will revert it back to Excalibur instead of upgrading it like they thought it might. Perhaps change the item descriptions to say it can also be used to revert items back to their previous form. A better solution, if possible, is to add some sort of confirmation prompt when you use it. Anyone could accidentally hit use, when moving inventory around or dropping items to transfer them, while they have one of the weapons equipped and then oops you just wasted two combiners 😱 I’m sure there is a secure way to implement something like this because it would be a good quality of life improvement. ***Could make an exchange shop to swap one combiner item for a corresponding reversion item. This would prevent abuse and accidental usage of the item. I.E. trade Soul Booster for Soul Drainer or whatever name it ends up having.
  21. In the case you suggested (total refund) yes. You'd need only one PGF for all 4 items at the end: - Play hunter, make a DF 100/100/0/0/80 - Decide to play ranger, cancel combination, get back PGF + Calibur 100/100/0/0/80, transfer PGF to your ranger and make DM 100/100/0/0/80 - Want to play hunter again, cancel combination again and remake DF 100/100/0/0/80 on your hunter - Etc All you'd lose is a couple seconds (to cancel the combination with the quest before transfering to other chars) Now if you suggest only the PGF refund and not the base weapon, it would be weird for other combinations since the point I first suggested was to get the base weapon back for the price of the combiner: Hundred Souls + Soul Booster = Excalibur => the point was to get your Excalibur back rather than Soul booster since Excalibur has a totally different use than Hundred Soul and I think it is lame that your Excalibur is "lost for good" as soon as you decide to make it Hundred Souls. I made an Hundred Soul set and I am now hunting an Excalibur set just because I also want to use berserk on my Hucast/caseal and there is nothing to do with the 15 remaining Soul Boosters rotting in my bank. I've also seen people stuck with a Psycho Bridge looking for a Dark Bridge while POST is not even that rare... at least those combiners would be "more useful" if they could revert that.
  22. I think adding a way to trade “junk”’for something semi-useful would be awesome. I don’t like the idea of “turn in x animal part 10x for a PD or materials” because that’s a bit too OP. Maybe some really slight items like Add Slot or maybe for a lot of whatever trash item a Photon Crystal. I’d really love for the overall power level of the server to come down tbh
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