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Easter Event 2022 Drop Chart


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2 hours ago, Kooky said:

Oran - Indi belra ultimate centurion/body


Which episode?

Solid start so far!


Difficulty Episode Area Section ID Monster Item
Ultimate 4 Crater Pinkal Del Rappy Centurion/Body
Ultimate 2 Tower Viridia Delbiter Centurion/Body
Ultimate 2 Tower Yellowboze Delbiter Centurion/Body
Ultimate 4 Crater Bluefull Del Rappy Centurion/HP
Ultimate 2 Temple Bluefull Indi Belra Centurion/HP
Ultimate 1 Forest Bluefull Hildelt Centurion/Luck
Ultimate 4 Crater Redria Astark Centurion/Luck
Ultimate 2 Tower Yellowboze Ill Gill Centurion/Luck
Ultimate 4 Desert Bluefull Girtablulu Fury of the Beast
Ultimate 4 Desert Greenill Kondrieu Girasole
Very Hard 1 Caves Bluefull Hidoom Godric's Cloak
Ultimate 1 Mines Pinkal Baranz Harmonic Resonance Core
Ultimate 1 Mines Redria Baranz Harmonic Resonance Core
Ultimate 2 Seabed Yellowboze Olga Flow Kroe's Sweater
Ultimate 2 Seabed Bluefull Olga Flow Samurai Armor
Ultimate 4 Desert Bluefull Shambertin Stellar Shard
Ultimate 4 Desert Greenill Shambertin Stellar Shard
Ultimate 2 Seabed Bluefull Deldepth Sue's Coat
Ultimate 1 Mines Pinkal Vol Opt ver. 2 Virus Shield: Vol Opt
Ultimate 2 Tower Bluefull Gi Gue Water Gun




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 skyly episode 4 ult

del rappy             Cent/body

merrissa aa          Non event

pyro goran           Non event

pazzu                   Non event

merrissa               Non event

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