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  1. These had all ready been done years before and would have been easier to log those into a event drop style chart like we have for normal rare's chart https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/ . What this has achieved by not knowing if certain rares have been moved from previous times , Is added another time sink to a game that has all ready a massive time sinks example mag feeding . This for me just killed off a week of farming a decent hit weapon from events.
  2. Ep1 - Ult - Yellowboze - Delsaber - Sacred Bow
  3. Weapons drop with attributes Native , A.Beast , Machine , Dark and Hit . Hit only shows on the dropped weapon , not when Tekking . You can only have a maximum of 3 stats on any weapon to max it out . Example1 [Native 25% , ABeast 0% , Machine 0% Dark 40%] Normal stat drop un-tekked Example 2 [Native 0%, ABeast 0% Dark 40% Hit 25%] Hit Stat Drop Un- Tekked . We search for a un-tekked version with the hit stat as example 2. Higher the hit the better. Now as Example 2 has 2 stats used we can add a third with photon drops or add to the % of Dark up to a maximum of 100% , the only way to add extra Hit to a weapon is with donation tickets outside of enemy parts. When Tekking you can only add 10% more to the stats you see on the un-tekked weapon. Example 2 . Un-Tekked [Native 0%, ABeast 0% Dark 40% Hit 25%] Tekked version would be[Native 0%, ABeast 0% Dark 50% Hit 35%]
  4. This , 2 Characters they all have switch's that need 2 , few of the pillars and barriers can be by passed by sliding
  5. Would say it is all id and dragon scale maybe available on hard sham
  6. Correct items are id specific if not shown in ultima drop table https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/ for your id it don't drop . But as we have a Event running it could be replaced for period of event with another item that only drops from said event.
  7. I forgot to say these can be used in black paper quest as well in ep4 . https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/special-quests/
  8. Photon Crystals are used to add hit to enemy parts , example bringers arm /bringers rifle . You will need to clear ep4 government quest line and speak to Montague at crater , this will open up a Easter egg in another quest Claire's deal . No need to complete quest, Montague is on pioneer speak with him he offers a gamble 1 pc = chance to get 10% hit @ 100 % as you progress on hit the more pc is needed and less chance of success to add. Only up to 50 hit There are some threads about it but after time they need searching out , Claire's deal is in Japanese so probably a few wanting translation , few other Easter eggs hidden in story mode as well. Like obtain kireeks weapon , all ways getting hit on item in blacksmith quest , Not sure if joining black paper is a thing still
  9. Yes the event will mess with the drops , out of interest was you trying on normal or hard?
  10. @Crank Serene Swan animation is a Handgun . https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/item/&id=004302
  11. You have to add a exception for the game in your antivirus, the files are the executable which starts the game as its not recognised by your antivirus thinks it is harmful .
  12. RB+Y Gives you quick change window . Then RB with window open to scroll to Item > Tech > weapon
  13. You will have to live with it , the solo quests have Easter eggs hidden so completion and saving of each would be needed , only way to not keep loading for longer play is to free roam . As in make the game and use the teleporter to go down to Ragol free roam forest caves mines ruins
  14. ink

    Inks Shop OPEN

    5dt or 40 pd sound okay to you?
  15. Greenill EP4 Ult Dorphon Alis Reslove
  16. greenill ep4 ult zu non event ze boota non event boota non event st million blood sword
  17. Yellowboze Ep2 Morfos Non event
  18. Psycho Birds like a few woman i have met along the way lol
  19. Yellowboze ep2 both squid non event
  20. Redria ep4 ult lizard cent/legs
  21. Redria Ep4 ult Pazzu non event Del Rappy non event
  22. Added DEMON GUN
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