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  1. SELLING 0/0/90/90/85 DARK FLOW PM ME
  2. kiss of daeth delbiter eps 2 ultimate tower purplenum
  3. ill gill purplenum ult tower ep2 centurion luck
  4. Sues on bluefull ep2 deldepths
  5. ok i should be able now until the entire weekend
  6. Hey can i buy 4 halo souls
  7. H2k


    sounds good pm when you're available so we can negotiate 👍
  8. H2k


    Title says it all in need for a red ring.
  9. how much for psycho black crystal?
  10. H2k

    hey ill be online most of the day today let me know when you come on so i can purchase the asteron striker from you.

  11. H2k

    Gui shops

    are you online?
  12. H2k

    Gui shops

    that as i want! 50-0-0-45
  13. H2k

    S>A Lot

    black crystal how much?
  14. yo you online?

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    2. H2k


      still have the garb for sale?

    3. Saber +7
    4. H2k


      ok i made room name saber pw 11

  15. H2k


    i got loads of grinds well over 300 lmk
  16. hey do you still have this mag? 1/180/19/0 Twins/ Estilla/ Pilla
  17. H2k

    S>Random Stuff

    saber proof of sonic how much?
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