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  1. I suggest make the recipe with Proof of Sonic Team instead of stellar shard because no one wants to use SS for this instead of Neutron or MF
  2. Hi, I see you in a run right now, but I'm back
  3. Harmonic Resonance Core 30 PDs I'll take 1 please
  4. yes, it's tekked and no other stats
  5. do you mean no other stats, or tekked?
  6. I have slicer of fanatic 50 hit- 10DTs
  7. Ultimate 2 Tower Skyly - Ill Gil **NON EVENT DROP**
  8. Skyly - Ultimate - Ep2 - Epsilon - Tension Blaster Skyly - Ultimate - Ep2 - Sinow Red - New Years Card
  9. a couple of small requests: 2 male armor options with Fire resistance: 1 with maybe 30 EFR and 1 with maybe 40 EFR so you don't get totally destroyed by Epsilon if you don't have STA, and can have with armor and barrier 70-80 EFR total; I know you can equip c-resist, but sometimes you need extra slots for cure-units
  10. I may or may not accept onions in place of DTs, for the record Stay tuned....
  11. are ep2 boxes 2% chance of spawning hit?
  12. So I'm guessing that was how 100H Raygun appeared recently? (Shamberton boxes, but still similar?)
  13. you see, farts are smelly but not serious. Onions are smelly but quite serious, and that's really what I need right now, if you see what I mean
  14. Hi, I have a Sanic Team Armor, and need a Hell TYPE shot with 70-80 hit; also looking for: Demon's Yas 80 hit Charge Yas 70-80 hit SS 70-80 hit, or DTS (or money bags) serious offers: no sarcasm no farts
  15. I thought the only weapons that could have unreduced demons or hell were TYPE weapons? Did you mean unreduced special on S-Rank, all weapons?
  16. https://wiki.pioneer2.net/index.php?title=Claire's_Deal_5 Claire's Deal 5: you can trade a caduceus for one
  17. Hundred Souls [0/0/60/0|0] - 40 PDs I want that
  18. I'm on right now as Drago
  19. Sacred Bow [0/0/40/45|0] that's a steal for 5 pds; I'll take it (TinyBids)
  20. so, you're playing this game on Nintendo Virtual Boy?
  21. Skyly E2 Ultimate Epsilon - Chromatic Orb
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