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  1. Hey! Checking to see if you still have these available? If so, how many DT's would it be? I don't have many pds unfortunately. Just let me know
  2. No worries!! I'll hop on quick. Gimme 5 mins to get on
  3. Hey man! I'll be hopping online in about 15 minutes. Not sure if that's too late for you if so, let me know and I'll try to hop on tomorrow sometime. I'm off work tomorrow so I should be more available.
  4. I would also be interested in one of your heaven punishers. The stats don't matter to me. Let me know how many DTS for both. I'm at work now but I could be on later this evening if that works for you? I'm in the Eastern Time zone
  5. Hey I'm hopping online then! I'll be on my racaseal Alexi.
  6. No worries! I'll still take the Ophelie! You had it at 6 DTs I believe? I'll be on a bit later tonight if that's cool?
  7. Okay sweet! Will you be online later tonight? I'm in Eastern Time zone and will probably be online around 9:00 to 9:30 p.m. let me know if that works.
  8. I won't be able to get online until much later tonight. I'm in Eastern Time zone so probably around 9:00 to 9:30 p.m. let me know if that works.
  9. Is this still available, and if so, would you take 10 DTS for it? Just let me know
  10. Hey! Would you take 10 DTS for one of these? A zero slot armor would be fine. Just let me know
  11. Hey! Is this one still available? I would be interested. Also, don't know if you have a heaven striker, but I'd be interested in one of those. I don't care about the stats on that one.
  12. Are both of these still available? If so, would you do 15 DTS for both of them?
  13. KK!! Sending DTs and hopping online. I'll be on Alexi.
  14. Hey! Do you still have these mags available? If so, I'd be a buyer for the 8dts. Just let me know! Thanks
  15. Azureraiden

    R-78 shop

    Okie doke. I'll message you in about an hour then. I'll send the DTs awhile. Thanks!
  16. Azureraiden

    R-78 shop

    Alright sweet! I can hop on in an hour if that's cool? Or will you be online later tonight? I'm in Eastern Time zone so it's about 11am for me currently.
  17. Azureraiden

    R-78 shop

    Hey! Is this still available, along with 1 Photon Booster? If so, how much in DTs for both? Thanks
  18. Hey Buddy! Do you still have this one? If so, what were you asking for it?
  19. Do you still happen to have that Ultima Reaper and the samurai armor?
  20. Hi! Is that other Lindcray still available? I have I have some stuff I could trade if you were interested. Lieutenant Mantle, Godric Cloak, Vivienne, or a Harmonic Res Core. If not interested in any of that how many DTS would you want? I would say PD's but I don't have any left.
  21. Oh okay. It's 1:14am for me lol.. I'm EST time zone from US. We'll figure it out lol
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