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  1. Gari

    Light's Shop

    I need only one How much Master Raven (45,0,0,45,0)
  2. I give a Stellar shard, i want a PBC I also accept to negotiate
  3. i'd like to buy S-Red's Arms
  4. i'd like to buy S-Red's Arms x1 - 5PD
  5. Dark Gunner - Purplenum - ULT - Ruins 2 - EP1 - Cent Body
  6. Gari

    R-78 mall

    id like to buy: Heaven Striker [0/25/0/0|0] [Untekked] 12pd
  8. I want 2 Syncesta and Heaven Striker
  9. i want one, how many pds?
  10. Ep1 - ultimate Enviado de meu Redmi 5 Plus usando o Tapatalk
  11. Gari

    PD Shop

    Iron Faust 30/0/30/40 - 50pd/7dt i want buy
  12. How much harmonic resonance core?
  13. Gari

    PD Shop

    Iron Faust 0/0/0/0 can you do it for 19 pds?
  14. i've a Last Swan [0/45/0/0|45]
  15. DE ROL LE SHIELD Still available?
  16. off topic Este é o tópico original de happy hour
  17. still v101 available? i need 1 and 2x C/Ability total 10 PDs, right?
  18. tbm queria saber, quero farmar
  19. I want to thank everyone for all this game time, I loved the experience, the events, the new items I did not know yet. by all those who played with me and had fun and laughed with me and helped me to evolve in the game. I can not dedicate myself to the game as before, because I do not know when to stop playing and I end up having no social life at all. my main goal in the game was to have the most valuable item in the game, pgf, I would not use it, just wanted to drop one. but as I walk without time it will be impossible for me to attain it. I want to thank all the gms for giving me a second chance after having passed some rules and being patient with me, because I am very annoying sometimes because I like everything well explained when I am not aware of something. a hug to all of Evil Empire my team that welcomed me and helped all this time. I will donate my things here sometime when I have time. are very good items. has pds, dts, RR Max, and many others that I will not quote here for the text does not get too big. Sorry, my english is bad, I do not speak English :p Good bye.
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