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  1. Ult Whitill EP4 Crater Pazuzu Non Event Drop Ult Whitill EP4 Crater Boota Non Event Drop
  2. Ultimate EP1 Bluefull Dark Falz **NON EVENT DROP** (And I'm incredibly salty about it)
  3. Great! I can get on now if you're ready. I'm online in lobby 1 name char name De Rol Le
  4. I'd like to buy the Three Seals if you still have it
  5. Ult Bluefull Non Event Drops EP1 Mil Lily Pouilly Slime
  6. Ult Indi Belra (EP2 Temple) Drops Centurion/HP on Bluefull
  7. Ult Girtablulu Drops Fury of the Beast on Bluefull
  8. Ult Del Rappies Drop Centurion/HP on Bluefull
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