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  1. I noticed a couple of my reports yesterday didnt automatically update but i looked again after 5-6 minutes and they were there. I assumed it was normal that there'd be some time in between the form submission and the sheet update, but thanks for letting us know. Also I'd be happy to also go through and add posts in the thread of others to the sheet periodically, you do so much for us already by just having this active every event so I'd be happy to help!
  2. Really love the form, very well done!
  3. Crush Bullet [0/0/0/35|40] 36 PDs / 4.5 DTs This one sounds perfect. I'll be on for the next hour or two if you want to meet up
  4. I'm on right now Will make a party named panzertail
  5. Can I buy the Panzer Tail mag for 3 DT?
  6. Great! I'll be on shortly. Hunter Name: De Rol Le. I'm in Lobby whenever you're ready
  7. 6 sword Slicer of Vengeance [25/0/10/30|0] [Untekked] 95% 12pd If this is still available I would like to buy it Also if you have any other psycho wands, I would love to buy one as well, as minimum stat as possible is fine Thank you!
  8. Ult Whitill EP4 Crater Pazuzu Non Event Drop Ult Whitill EP4 Crater Boota Non Event Drop
  9. Ultimate EP1 Bluefull Dark Falz **NON EVENT DROP** (And I'm incredibly salty about it)
  10. Great! I can get on now if you're ready. I'm online in lobby 1 name char name De Rol Le
  11. I'd like to buy the Three Seals if you still have it
  12. Ult Bluefull Non Event Drops EP1 Mil Lily Pouilly Slime
  13. Ult Indi Belra (EP2 Temple) Drops Centurion/HP on Bluefull
  14. Ult Girtablulu Drops Fury of the Beast on Bluefull
  15. Ult Del Rappies Drop Centurion/HP on Bluefull
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