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  1. @Larva @Soly doubt I'm helping the community but worth a try
  2. I think it's fine as it is. A lot more broken items, but also a lot of quests on this server that are crappy to solo with certain characters/without 1 other competent player, so that kinda helps a little Edit: maybe reduce the shots to 3 instead of 4 I guess. Also would be dope to know if changes happen or not, before I/others decide to sell other guns
  3. Girasole - Shambertin - Ult - Greenill
  4. Gal Gryphon ep 2 Ult - Purple dropped proof of sonic team
  5. I heard in game that Magic Rock Heart Key drops on yellowboze from something in Max S?
  6. does anyone by chance know if you can find these drops in 1p mode? Too poor/weak to hunt multi solo
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