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  1. tbh, should add a vol opt 1 gizonde tutorial. There's so many people on this server that don't know about it, or just don't know how it works I'm sure there's info on it somewhere on these forums, but at least 3/4 open games there's people that will make the fight take long just cuz like having FOneys/FOmarls with twinkle star using gi/razonde y'know?
  2. forgot to add: Godrick's Cloak - Ep 4 Ult Dorphon Eclair - Purplenum
  3. Ep 1 Ult Baranz - Pinkal - Harmonic Resonance Core Ult Shamberton - Bluefull - Stellar Shard
  4. I have 1 wedding dress and probably some 40+ hit frozen shooter
  5. Ford522

    B/S > Stuff

    Sounds good. I can get on now
  6. Ford522


    I have a 0/30/0/0|45 for 6dts Edit: this was not for TYB as the title was different (for people dming me about TYB)
  7. Ford522


    I'll take just the Yunchang. I'll be around for a bit
  8. Ford522


    I'll take the 75h le cogneur and yunchang
  9. Ford522

    B/S > Stuff

    I'm not dead here's a bump
  10. Ford522

    B/S > Stuff

    Ok I'm logging on soon
  11. Ford522

    B/S > Stuff

    Ok I'm logging on soon
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