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Mysteries of the Void


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Mysteries of the Void


Episode II (multiplayer) > Ultima




As usual, not impossible to solo but better play with a team.




Can you find all the secrets ?






Enemy count




         Quest completion reward         Hidden boxes          Master Garanz

Normal         10000 Meseta     Photon drop + Scape doll   Photon Crystal

Hard            20000 Meseta     Photon drop + Scape doll   Photon Crystal

Very hard     40000 Meseta     Photon drop + Scape doll   Photon Crystal

Ultimate      100000 Meseta    Photon drop + Scape doll   Berill Photon / Magic Water / Parasitic Cell Type D





- Moved Garanz x3 (so that swords can hit them through the wall)
- Edited tower x4



- Changed all waves delay from 0 to 1 frame

- Fixed punctuation in some dialogues



- Fixed Lasers Doors collision to prevent clipping through them



- Slow motion gas no longer affects the northern corridor

- Added a hint pointing to the hidden PD switch (not available in 4 players game)



- Hint no longer applies for rooms that is not just one player with red gem. Some weird visual glitch would happen otherwise


Edited by R-78
updated version
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This is a really good, well-made quest. It has a pretty interesting layout, as per usual for a R-78 quest, and it's pretty difficult. I didn't notice any bugs and there's tons of secrets to find.

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Excellent quest made by r78 :) no bug, interesting and funny traps, a well executed final, a good difficulty but feasible several :)

Try it as soon as possible ;)
Beautiful Quest played with Mud and R78 :P

Edited by ChaTon
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@R-78 It was a nice little quest, barely took me 20 minutes hem 3 hours and 20 minutes

Maaaaaan... ... In french, I would only have one thing to say : T'abuses !

Also, the last room gave me cancer, I think... There was just enough Baranz so that I could find 3 Parts of Egg Blaster (no HH of course) in Skyly.

I took my time to find every little secrets. I may have not found every of them, but at least I made it to to the "true end" with the Baranz. Was nice to have a Parasitic Cell Type D. I should have take the magic water but... next time ?

Definitely a quest where you should not be alone.

On a side note, I only died once so it's fine I guess. Once per Baranz of course, in average.

Edited by Misombre
made it
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I need to try this.  Hopefully people will be on today to run it with me.

Very good quest.  Not sure we found everything, but was fun looking for it all.

Edited by Lemon
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Cool quest!

Its engaging and wild with great rewards such as a ton of EXP, and the quest treats that was implemented. Fun with a good team and a nice little unique boss battle! Welldone! :)


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