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  1. All the best in whatever you decide to do ^^; You've gone to that new PSOBB server?
  2. Ahhhhh... Awesome thanks for the clarification. I can totally understand why. It was funny moving that slow whilst it lasted lol. ^^;
  3. I thought this was like minus 200% or something ridiculous like that lol... Everything else was on point though! Could always get a Playstation portable/DS emulator and play: Phantasy Star Portable 2 - English, though there is the expansion of that called: PSP2 - 'Infinity' but its Japanese as of now and has been only for a long time. Then there's Phantasy Star Zero for the DS which is more similar to PSO style, but with added PSU/PSP2 stuff slightly. Both are awesome games.
  4. Updated spreadsheet with the drops above: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dYGxANGJf-p2aZ3sZhlHCwmxCTY_1vB3hW2TUb269O0/edit#gid=0
  5. Hey guys! I went back through from page 1 up until now and plotted all the rare drop item findings into a table which are both 'new' and 'regular' drops. Because mudkipzjm is either too busy or cba (no offence <3) to post regular drops properly in the 'regular drop section', which kinda annoyed me because that information is just as important as the new items drops being plotted. I'm considering to allow it to be publicly edited but I don't want some one to go and mess it all up lol. So I may refrain it just being me to update it for now etc... I hope it helps. Please offer some comme
  6. If only you were still a Moderator ahaha! And okies thanks!
  7. Oh you mean, seeing a character named 'Oran-' finding Great Fairy Swords? LOL That's me and I was doing runs with Orgo on his Whitill character. GFS doesn't drop on Oran (usual suspects) as I have confirmed that myself with Merissa A dropping Bug catcher net and AA dropping flapjack flapper. But it could drop from other enemies on EP4 though
  8. I'm in too! Question, can I just recreate a character that I am going to use, so I don't get those nasty battle stats on my main character? Since even a level 1 character will adhere to the rules and become level 20 for instance? Sounds a great event and prizes too! Thanks!
  9. Welcome back :D! Good time to come back too, events are great for a lot of things such as exp (x5), materials (farming), rares (new/current), potential games (more players), so on and so forth. Shouldn't take you too long to get to a decent level. Goodluck in the mean time!
  10. Thanks lol! It was one of those games where you jump in at the last minute and claim the rare LOL! Ultimate - Oran - EP4 - Crater - Astark - v502 - Regular Drop
  11. I actually got an Hylian Shield from a Purplenum game yesterday lol. Perfect picture too because Marcia the game creator shows off her badge for proof lol. Whilst my pickup of HS scrolls across the banner
  12. Ultimate - Oran - EP4 - Crater - Yowie - Commander Uniform - Regular Drop Ultimate - Oran - EP4 - Crater - Merissa A - Bug Catcher Net - New Drop Ultimate - Oran - EP4 - Crater Merissa AA - FlapJack Flapper - Regular Drop
  13. Veryhard - Redria - EP1 - Hildeblue - Cure/Shock - Regular Drop Veryhard - Redria - EP1 - Red Lily - God/Body - Regular Drop Veryhard - Redria - EP1 - Red Slime - Devil/Technique - Regular Drop
  14. Ahhhh! Congrats :)! I always thought that it was Saith or someone else XD Also, not telling how to do your job but you got some back logging to do on the 'Regular Drops' portion of the first post, which require updating lol.
  15. I'm liking all the new weapons! Though I haven't tried them all to their full potential yet or all of them in their entirety. But the Great Fairy Sword is kicking ass on my Hucast and Boomerang is also really good too. I find to get the most out of these weapons, good %'s are a must! Definitively waiting on til the Droprates + charts are released because with so many items scattered everywhere and plenty that I want. Sometimes its an dilemma to go for exploration on other levels and ID's and you find something good but at the same time, you could end up wasting your time. All part of the fu
  16. Ultimate - Whitill - EP4 - Ill Gill - Yamigarusu - Regular Drop Ultimate - Redria - EP4 - Red Plant - Asuka - Regular Drop
  17. That usually comes a week or so when the event starts. Its like either Rare Monsters or 2x exp to begin with then both are activated during the last few weeks of an event. This is what I gathered from the past two event.
  18. Strange when: I am suspecting that some of these aren't true. Skyly became untrue, and now Purplenum... >_<;
  19. Awesome, thanks! I'll do them in a bit, just eating some dinner at the moment lol! Done them now and recreated the mistake I did on the ATA given by the Power Glove, thanks Orgo for pointing that out!
  20. Thank you and sorry, sorry! (your effort is acknowledge though! <3) Would you like me to put your picture and description of the weapon in the same format as I did mine? And i'll paste it above on my post for people to access it all in one location, which would make it a lot easier. With credit to you of course.? ^^ I have the bow but I quit off the game by the time I realized it. If you got the stats on the bow and a picture, I'll do the same to that too. Thanks!
  21. Spent some time doing this today. I hope its alright, clear and precise for you all. There are some stats that I am not sure about such as tech/character(s) usage)/other status stats and hidden boosts but I would say its 100% accurate as far as I can tell; as I was building this from the weapons that I have on me. Though their might be some errors/typos etc... On them. Please say if you find any XD! *Thanks to R-78 for the Bomb-chu picture and requirements. Aswell as Dreamer for the Sacred bow picture and requirements. Thank you! FIRE ROD GREAT FAIRY SWORD MAGIC HAMMER B
  22. Ultimate - Redria - EP4 - Desert - Merissa A - Bug Catcher Net - New Drop (low drop rate it seems) Ultimate - Redria - EP4 - Desert - Merissa AA - Congeal Cloak - Regular Drop Ultimate - Redria - EP4 - Crater - Pazuzu - v801 - Regular Drop Ultimate - Redria - EP4 - Crater - Boota - Daylight Scar - Regular Drop Ultimate - Redria - EP4 - Crater - Ba Boota - BOVN - Regular Drop Ultimate - Whitill - EP4 - Crater - Pazuzu - Vivienne - Regular Drop Ultimate - Whitill - EP4 - Crater - Boota - Daylight Scar - Regular Drop
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