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PSO pet peeves?


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People say " quit complaining that you don't have a PGF" Yeah Easy to say when you ALREADY have a Dark weapon. It's always the ones with a DM/DF already who talk about people complaining. Never the ones who don't have pgf. 




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A lack of drop charts with events. 

The fact that attacking techs are underpowered in comparison to everything else on this server.

Stubborn people.

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People joining a game and don’t know how to play as there class or don’t know how to play in general (Usually the ones who show back up during the holiday events).


People who try to DM/DF and fail miserably at it or is in training with the weapon and then blame it on something else and not there lack of skill (Just ask someone who knows how .-.).


Can’t follow simple directions to go north while in seabed

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