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    gg, red. You're one of the most memorable people I've had the pleasure of playing with here I hope everything goes well for you and good luck.
  2. FOweps increase & little more

    OMG. Iron faust combo unlock.
  3. I was merely suggesting that they lower the atp on it just by a little. To prevent hucasts from mowing through bosses like nothing. And I agree; It would be unfair to do any more than that. Just a slight change won't hurt much. Other servers have done this to prevent the same problems. And for the record, I don't have a PGF - I didn't even bother to hunt for one this year XD
  4. Would it be possible to have its ATP nerfed a bit? Because as it is, with its combo unlocked, it makes every mech gun in the game obsolete - including the top 2 mech guns for rangers. Plus it makes the game extremely easy. It'd be nice to have both the mm and guld milla be useful again and exclusive to one class as apposed to having just this one gun make everything else obsolete. XD Just my 2 cents.
  5. Wrong drops of materials T.T

    Hiya shion. Its always been HP mats for oran on this server. They have been dropping for oran before the bug.
  6. December Event 3rth year

    ^^Yeah. I got a kit of hamburger on my first St. rappy drop, and an ashura cell on the 2nd drop under Oran ID. Maybe I got extremely lucky, or maybe St. rappy is being a total grinch this year XD
  7. December Event 3rth year

    No event in lobby. Derp XD I guess I should've noticed sooner..
  8. December Event 3rth year

    They're not showing, larva. Or will they appear in late December for the pgf event? EDIT: I forgot to mention that we're only seeing love rappies in temple.
  9. Proper V501,v502 usage

    v501 boosts specials by 1.5x, while v502 boosts freeze, paralyses confusion specials by 1.5x - hell and demons by 2x. However, specials like zerk, charge and spirit rely solely on hit and not on special success rates. I might be off on the 1.5x rate for the v501, but I'm pretty sure the rest is accurate in accordance to pso wiki's info.
  10. I received a lame as a prize from one of ravso's mini events about a month ago. The lame had 10/0/0/0/25hit when I received it, but it lost the hit as soon as I started unsealing it. I was told my a GM to not get it fixed again until it was unsealed. Well, I finally did and I was wondering if I could get the 25hit replaced whenever one of you guys gets a chance. I's really appreciate it. XD Before unsealing: After unsealing with kill count:
  11. 3rth Anniversary Ultima

    Wow, the mysterious Kiros XD Thanks larva and thanks kiros for the lovely art, lol.
  12. hey ranran check out my page lol

  13. Niyuki/mio art by "siege"

    Lol, I remember you showing me these a while back XD Speaking of Siege, what ever happened to him? Is he still around?
  14. Mags dropping in episode 4!

    errr.. just baby mags or celled mags?