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  1. 30 pds for the 3 seals? I might have some level 30 techs as well if that interests you.
  2. I have a god tech for sure. Is there anything else you're looking for?
  3. Adept Level 30 GiFoei 100 pdees
  4. Which of the two items are you after. Or do you want both items?
  5. I'm looking for a 3 seals or a PoM. I can also offer pds to even the deal. THX. PM pls, I reply faster that way.
  6. subbie

    S> 3 seal

    99 pds and a spread needle w/ hit? I'll have to check on the hit when I get the game installed again, lol. I think it's between 20 or 30%.
  7. Hmm, I might end up doing that. Well, if anyone out there is interested - I'll offer 99 pds and a v101 for what its worth XD Thanks for the feedback.
  8. I might have a 40 hit one laying around somewhere. Are you offering pds or something else?
  9. As rare as pds are in this server? Lol. I guess someone can chime in on how rare it is. Even though its only worth 15, not many people have it because they prefer playing support force.
  10. Hmm, it's worth 15 points. Would you take 70 pds for it?
  11. Haha. Yeah, that one XD
  12. If anyone has a spare they wanna sell for pd's, please send me a pm. I have quite a few pds I've accumulated over the years that I need to spend, lol Thanks.
  13. gg, red. You're one of the most memorable people I've had the pleasure of playing with here I hope everything goes well for you and good luck.
  14. Wow, nice find. Is this thing combo unlocked?
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