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Status Updates posted by chuk

  1. chuk

    * poke *

    1. Evie


      :rf-05: Even here!

  2. Today's Dutch word of the day is : Elektriciteitsproductiemaatschappij

    It's short for an electricity company. I like to start off easy

    1. Shisui


      ty haha now i need to learn how to write or say it xD

  3. chuk

    "By the way, I am playing with fish recently."

    ~ Choko 2016

    1. Choko


      fish - friendly interactive shell

  4. It's a shame most of our programming efforts are towards security updates instead of creative and fun features.

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    2. Izaya


      This server has so much potential :o

    3. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      its a shame we could not put a bullet in their heads for all the down time we had to go though

    4. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Dang Wayne , that's gangsta.

  5. Anyone still plays PSO2?

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    2. tru


      Thanks for the advice! I'll try.

    3. Evie


      hehe np, there are also guides online on how to register for a a game account since its all in japanese. Good luck!

    4. BK-201


      i basically play challenge mode only on pso2, but i've been playing it since february 2013.

  6. chuk

    Hey there, sexy ;)

  7. The intrusion dtection system has detected a bot making accounts in the game. The registration has been disabled temporary. Thank you for your patience.

    1. Cyane


      Thank you sir :3

    2. Cody Littrell

      Cody Littrell

      how long until its up again?

  8. chuk

    You are in that crowded Chion softening somehow Nde I see you kick to say a little

    1. Choko



  9. Bon annif mon vieux ^^

  10. chuk

    Happy B-day Zephyboy xD Enjoy it ^^

    1. Zeph


      Thx Chuk!

  11. chuk


  12. happy Bday ^^

  13. Toujours pas de retour?

  14. Happy B-day Shelda!

  15. chuk

    18 years old !!! Responsible for your own acts now lol.

  16. Radda - ouioui :3

  17. Happy Bday man ^^

  18. Happy Bday Raemi :D

  19. i never see you ingame for that trade D:

  20. U still have that naka card? :3

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