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  1. game wont start

    tried both with no luck
  2. game wont start

    haven't played in about 6 months and decided to try and go on. no longer had the game. So I downloaded 3.0 the window pops up then when I hit start it just shuts off. I tried all the little fixes I saw on forum. made sure the game had permisions and tried all graphic setting to no avail. any help would be greatfull.
  3. PSO2 English Patch :x

    nope Im running around ship 10 but kinda thinking about a switch people arent too frendly there
  4. PSO2 English Patch :x

    Patch works Ive had it on and no ban at least not yet no extra lag just haven't been here lol
  5. goodbye

    damn normally cant stand u since you became a gm godric but that was awesome lol
  6. Yo It's Valos

    yes im on ship 10 block 20
  7. I'm out

    godrics happy he'll no longer get called gay lol. To all the rest of you thank you wish you guys the best
  8. I'm out

    I'm leaving ultima for good this time no longer just a break. Wish you all the best and someone is already getting everything. Help a noob lol. Peace all.
  9. Problem with google chrome

    i got it too just clicked proceed anyway
  10. Oh, sup there newbs.

    thanks larva i always skip the first menue
  11. ty sir cause im curious too
  12. Oh, sup there newbs.

    wait there is a widescreen mode i didnt even know that lol
  13. Oh, sup there newbs.

    and you wont log in just to lose I'm sure bwahahahaha
  14. Oh, sup there newbs.

    whats up there noobs says the bigest noob of all
  15. Will there be a 10x exp event going on soon?

    10x no but some times they do do 5x idk when it would be tho