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Status Updates posted by Trigunman

  1. Ahhh, my apologies friends and team mates for my recent absence...

    I've made a serious error (found DQ Builders 2 on sale on Steam) and been sucked into the world of Torland...

    There's no telling when I'll return.  :onion113:

    Holy crapsicles is this game addictive, Minecraft eat your heart out.

    1. R-78


      You will now be sentenced to death.

    2. Duja


      Lol get it man, I always enjoyed dq, but mostly the monsters series, Tara and cobis adventure on gbc, I also was able to get caravan hearts For gba, and the English patched rom of that game, I actually still have my copies of those games, still fond memories tbh

    3. Lipelis
  2. Joyeux anniversaire cher Shiida, Que le bon temps roule!


    1. R-78


      Merci bien, cher Trigunman !

  3. Saber +7  acquired.


    1. Saber +7

      Saber +7

      Only in challenge mode ;)

    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Soon to be powercreeped by +8

  4. Well, it's been a while since I've formally joined an actual team here at Ultima...

    Soooo, time to retire the ole Trinity Flag I guess and blaze a new standard with some new blood.:onion-head11:

    Thanks to C01D1, Duja and all of Team Triforce for the invite and vote of membership!

    I hope to make you guys proud, lift up Team Triforce and continue my personal mission of mentoring of new players and assisting others in their hunts as well as my new teammates with my existing accounts of lvl 200 and sub lvl 200 characters.  Trigunman, Triforcer, Triblader, Tri-MSUIT, Quad-Shot, Quad-Tekk, Quad-Cutt and Quad-Bash are all now at your beck and call.


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    2. RocketTots


      @Saber +7 I'll put it to the vote and let you know what the team says. I'm sure they all have great respect for you.

    3. RocketTots



      Hmmm, usually there are some yeet emojis indicating yes, but I guess its safe to assume the answer

    4. Saber +7

      Saber +7

      That’s a shame. I was looking forward. 

  5. To all my fellow Ultimaites, Merry Christmas to you all and may all your PGF wishes and red box dreams come true!  :onion-xmas1::onion-xmas2::onion-xmas3::onion-xmas4:

    1. 777




  6. 777 acquired.

    Finally got my lucky number haha! :onion-head11:

  7. Hey Sylph!  That was your character last night I was with on the PoD runs?   777?

    There isn't anyone else I'd guess that has such a character named like that, haha!  (and it's part of your forum account name here)

    Anyway, let me know...  Good times bro, looking forward to doing it again soon.

    We need to hang out on PSOBB more often.

    Hope you're doing well, that you are blessed and hope you have a very Merry Christmas brother.   :onion-head11:


    1. 777


      That was me lol. ^_^

    2. Trigunman


      *facepalm*  I stand corrected!  I have you now 777. :onion108:

      Sorry for the mixup Sylph!  (we still need to hang out too though :onion-head65:)

  8. Gobble, gobble, gobble...  Happy Turkey Day!


    Oh wait...


  9. DUDE this cold rocks!  I sound like Alex Jones from Infowars now, LOL!  :onion108:

    Cuz me, I gotta go talk about our government and GMOs, BRB...

  10. Alrighty!  Some people wanted to hear some music I've made back in the day, well here you are for your amusement/critique/enjoyment/headbanging.

    The majority of the guitar work is by yours truly, save on Nichols Drive, we had 2 guitarists, see if you can pick me out in the mix:


    3 bands demos are available:

    2000-2003 - Zedok - "Quest of the Zedok" demo - prog rock power trio

    2004-2007 - Core Breach - "Warning" demo - metal core, screamo w/ some acoustic instrumentals I recorded (crudely) myself

    2011-2013 - Nichols Drive - "self-titled" demo - "swamp" metal, mix of rock/metal

    Enjoy and rawk on dewds/dewdettes!

    \m/ 😎 \m/

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    2. Trigunman


      OH I nearly forgot Debbie, go check out GTR!  it was a supergroup of Steve Hackett of Genesis/Mike + Mechanics and Steve Lowe from YES.  "Heart Rules The Mind" is probably their best known track, along with "The Hunter".


    3. Deborah Nicole

      Deborah Nicole

      thanx hun

      i have 1 of their cd s (not sure if there's another

      btw did you know that GTR stands for GuiTaR

      and i believe the vocalist in Emerson's group " 3"  (Emerson Palmer and Bacon) Max Bacon was GTR's singer 

      I believe you and I should start a prog rock info data base

      BTW i have all the music we've discussed and i would gladly share them with you :)

      BTW while checking to see if i had 3 i saw i also had the 2 Starcastle releases (Starcastle & Fountains of Light) or as Dad calls them "Yes Lite"

    4. Deborah Nicole
  11. @Dutch Ride - Hey I've got some of my old band demos if you'd like to hear them sometime man, or anyone else for that matter.  It's all prog rock and metal stuff though, from early 2000's to 2013.

    Sending you a post here so we don't clog up R-78's mall thread, let me know and I'll get those demos hosted for download.

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    2. Trigunman


      Ahh hey Debbie!  Yea, my old band Zedok was a 3 piece power prog trio.

      It's probably closer to Rush, with a bit of Iron Maiden and perhaps some Metallica mixed in altogether I'd say, an interesting mix to say the least.

      We actually covered Fly By Night and Tom Sawyer by Rush back then too.  Damn I miss that band, they were the best rhythm section I've ever had the privilege to play with. :onion108:

      I'm going to try to get that stuff loaded up today for you guys!  \m/ ^_^ \m/

    3. Deborah Nicole

      Deborah Nicole

      great to see someone not ashamed to admit liking prog

      i was raised in a prog rock home (dad caught the 77 ELP Works tour with and with out the symphony and saw Rush so many times he cant remember how many times) and I was listening King Crimson UK Asia Floyd Gentle Giant etc

    4. Trigunman


      Alrighty, it is done.


      3 bands demos are available:

      2000-2003 - Zedok - "Quest of the Zedok" demo - prog rock power trio

      2004-2007 - Core Breach - "Warning" demo - metal core, screamo

      2011-2013 - Nichols Drive - "self-titled" demo - "swamp" metal, mix of rock/metal

  12. Fortune smiles upon thee, for thou hast finally obtained it Erdrick, Triforcer...

    The Girasole.


  13. Rest now my little Quad-Tekk, you fought valiantly against Olga-Flow until the very end.  He almost fell to your mighty Lindcray, but your tekk mana ran out and you perished at his hands instead. 

    Therefore, I Triforcer will avenge your death!  By this time next week, I will destroy Olga Flow by my own hands!  I will bury his own Dark Flow into his rotting skull and avenge your blood... This I SWEAR before the gods of Ragol!


  14. 🎂🎂🎂 Happy B-day to the Solyinator!  🎂🎂🎂

    Thanks for all your hard work here at Ultima bro, hope you're still shredding too, keep the fire burning!

  15. Just finished up Game+++ difficulty on Pixel Shinobi: 9 Demons of Mamoru, i.e. I've beat the game 3 times now.  Oh and it gets stupid hard folks, talk about rage quit LOL.  I figure 3 times is good, time to move on, (the last levels in the game was also starting to get buggy!) I even found the elusive Shadow Kusarigama (badass sickle & chain) and got the last achievement for the game I think.

    So, time to enable -=END LURK MODE=- and get my rear back on the server a bit more, now that the Triforce event is here, yay.  So holla if you need some help folks!

  16. HI!  I've been getting in touch with my inner ninja lately...


    Damn fine game gents, do give it a go...  It looks like it uses the same engine as Broforce, very retro (and quite gory haha) 2d platformer with slight RPG and crafting elements with a vibe that harkens back to Sega's Shinobi.  Important to note, the difficulty is quite hard, even on easy I got my rear handed to me with blood sauce quite often. 

    The abilities of Hideaki (main character/ninja/YOU) are quite satisfying, nothing like being suspended upside down just above your enemies right before you swoop in and take their life in a split second.  XD



  17. Count your blessings, each and every single one...  It's the little things in life that can truly mean something, to others it might mean everything.

    Never discount the freedoms, the benefits, the very things which you take for granted daily, that we all do.  We are ultimately guaranteed nothing but the air we breathe and are ultimately owed nothing except to love our fellow man.

    I implore you each and every one, count your blessings no matter how small they may be...

    1. Emewn


      Great words of wisdom, and experience. I commend you.

  18. To all my fellow patriots of the US of A, let freedom ring this 4th of July and God bless America! 



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    2. Virec


      Good Bless America :)   Dont Tread on Me ,  Simper Fi

    3. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Grilled food.

    4. Larva


      Happy 4th of July my friend, Viva Mexico! lol

  19. Ahhh damn the past 2 days have reallllllly SUCKED.  I hate eye styes, especially this one, it was in the gland in the middle of my left eye lid this time and a particularly nasty one.  The eye doctor spent 5 mins. cleaning it out if that tells you anything. With that said, my eye doesn't feel like it's being sanded down by sand paper anymore or my eyelid on fire like it was yesterday, the day-night contact is doing it's job (band-aid for the eye from the eyelid abrasion) and the antibiotics are finally seeming to kick in.

    Gonna try to log-in a bit, my vision in my left eye is still hazy due to the irritation and inflammation.(pinkeye?)  We'll see how it goes...

    1. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      Hang in there man

    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Styes do suck really bad, I hope that goes away soon so you won't have to suffer anymore from that my good man.

  20. Current status: DOWN

    Reason: stye infection in left eye, visuals down to 50%.  Olfactories & sinuses out of control & down to 50% efficiency due to eye trauma.

    Situation: OFFLINE until further notice.

    1. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      If this is about you then I hope you get well soon brodda 

    2. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      Hope you get better sorry tp hear that

    3. Stark 1

      Stark 1

      Same here

  21. Am I evil?  666 posts... :blink::wacko:


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    2. Dutch Ride
    3. steelfirehawk


      we are all evil brother, but this number pops up to try, and make you feel like an anti Christ, and it happens to me to. You are not the Anti Christ. I'm sure deep down you want to be a better person. Don't let it bother you. Keep the faith homie

    4. Trigunman


      All good Steelfirehawk, just looking for an excuse to play some old sk00l Metallica I suppose! :onion-head11:


    Rarer than hen's teeth and more difficult to procure than a friggin' PGF folks! (at less than stupid prices that is, this crap has been out of print for some time, vol 3 I've seen go for over 500 bucks!!!!)

    I've been spending the last few weeks trying to acquire these through amazon.com and dealing with USPS's incredible stupidity, but FINALLY they're here!  The entire 5 volume set of Trigun Maximum Omnibus!

    For those of you manga freaks who'd like to read it,(without paying stupid amounts of money for a hardcopy) you can get an account and check it out here for free at Mangadex.org:


    (P.S. - Yes, I have a bar in my house, no, I don't serve alcohol ;^p )



    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      An awesome find! I have a good friend that would love to get his hands on those too. I'm looking for Akira and a few other Tankobon to fill my shelves and make my new room look even better (moved a couple of months ago) as well as wallscrolls and figures, I need to hit up Amazon next time I get some monies.

  23. Count your blessings folks, I was almost seriously smashed from the rear in my truck today by a stupid woman in a big Dodge Ram truck who didn't know how to drive in the rain today.

    --->  <---  "This close", with my fingers was my only gesture to her as she nonchalantly drove around me while I was stopped at an intersection to turn as she nearly went into a ditch to miss me.  

    Dear Lord I hate driving in the rain!  Not because of the limitations it puts on me driving, BUT THE STUPID PEOPLE WHO GET THEIR DRIVER'S LICENSE OUT OF A CRACKERJACK BOX and don't understand the simple concept of extended braking distances IN THE RAIN.  And THESE PEOPLE wonder why the state of Louisiana has the highest insurance rates in the nation!

    Are we really all just a bunch of dumb monkeys operating a heavy, expensive piece of collateral damage waiting to happen?

    *END RANT*

    1. Duja


      I feel this, I live in the desert so when it rains the stupid come out driving, it's raining out here today as well.

    2. nnorton44


      Stupid lady, probably too busy cuddling with a waifu pillow

  24. Gah, poor lab rats, I know how they feel today...

    Eyes dilated from optometrist, neck a bit stiff from chiropractor, gauze on my arm from blood taken by phlebotomist at Dr's office.  Sheesh.

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