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  1. congratulations @radezzon winning the auction! pm me to collect your prize!
  2. Highest bidder!
  3. Highest bidder!
  4. A>Banana Cannon 


  5. A>Banana Cannon


  6. Hello again! This time I will auction a Banana Cannon, stats 30a.beast Item: Banana Cannon Starting Bid: 10dts/65pds End Date: April 7th Accepted Items: dts/pds Auction Rules: 1. Once you place a bid, you cant retract it for a lesser amount, if so you will be disqualified. 2. Please no posts unless you are participating in the auction. 3. No bidding other items other than the accepted ones. 4. No pms to buy the item If you want it, please place a bid on this topic. 5. Have fun. Good luck!
  7. Congratulations to @MadOrNahon winning! Come to room MadorNah to collect! pass is master
  8. i understand! you do know only the 1st bid gets the item right? XD Highest bid!
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