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  1. Use wonline.exe to play the game What is happening is the game is continuously downloading the psobb.pat file when you try to log in with PsoBB.exe we will fix it as soon as we can
  2. We still need the character slot and just a friendly reminder...please don't post multiple topics of the same thing...it can make the process a lot more confusing
  3. La hora del tema es cuando dijo que el error ocurrió y es la zona horaria UTC/GMT -6 hours
  4. Ways to Avoid Bugs: Stay out of rooms with ghost items! Ghost items are items that are dropped by a player (or enemy) and are picked up by someone else and is still seen on the ground by other player. This bug itself can cause the room to become bugged and can lead to bank issues, vanishing items, and ???? bug. When you notice this bug, leave the room and start a new one as soon as possible. I don't know if this actually helps but....I normally transfer items with a second account over common bank. I know people who use common bank and have no issues and then people who use it and do have
  5. Thanks spent a good bit of time calculating things lol Yeah, it tells you how many mats you have to use for each class under "mats with RR." The setup that I have for it right now should be to max ATP, ATA, and Luck for a RaMar. Though I doubt you will be able to max the luck.
  6. This is a little project I did awhile ago to help myself with stat guides. Btw don't change the base max stats or stats with equipment or stats with rr. Those fields are set to calculate everything so all you have to do is enter the stats of the gear into the right field. In case you can't download: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?7qna4bwjghttdr5
  7. Veriemas


    Bien por favor manténgase al personaje hasta fijo
  8. Yup we need all that info Also please do not play on that character until it is fixed :3
  9. my advice you to is to read up on bumped.org to find out how to work everything ^^
  10. I am on ship 6 too...if you see Freedert that is me lol
  11. well for my notebook it says prt sc (above backspace) for the button...but some layouts are different so kinda depends on the laptop I wonder if the rikas claw itself is bugged or something because I have one and never had this issue
  12. hmm, post pics of rikas claw and when the game freezes and you press print screen to try and take a pic if the pic does not go to your bmp file then try going to paint instead and selecting "paste" you should be able to post your pic there
  13. We have to have pics of the items lost to fix it. We can not just take someones word for it to prove that it was there. We need some kind visual evidence...also I am confused...you lost 2 weapons too or just the pds?
  14. Can you get dan to post the pic please?
  15. What time did it happen and what is your time zone?
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