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  1. are these drops only in multiplayer?
  2. Go outside? There's nothing good to hunt there.
  3. Haven't been on for a few days and I need to claim my s-rank prize from the 99 item event xD. When is a good time to catch Kajex or anyone else who can do it?

    1. davell


      Im not in a hurry lol. Im just letting it be known. Ill be on sometime later tonite for quite a bit

  4. On average it takes like 4 full wrath of forest runs to get 1 gobooma arms x_x
  5. Shoutout to 007 for helping me get the last few gobooma arms. Needed 5 but he gave me 13 xD!
  6. How long is this event going on cause i am still working on the booma claws.
  7. davell

    Ultima Triforce Event

    ok im in a quest atm. i will pm u when im done. should be 15 20 mins or so
  8. davell

    Ultima Triforce Event

    sorry for late reply. did you still want to trade hp for wizard?
  9. davell

    Ultima Triforce Event

    wizard resist bluefull hildetorr thought i had a HP...
  10. in that case I motion for pinkal or oran cause their ep1 n 2 drops suck.
  11. The important thing is that OP won't be seeing an ugly fonewn when they are playing with it. Who cares about how other people think your pso character looks? Also, everyone doesn't think fonewns look silly.
  12. Centurion/Power --- Triforce/Power. That would be perfect. and triforce/wisdom would be great for the centurion level mind unit. *hint hint*
  13. or u can just download skins from the pso univers site. don't know if im allowed to link other websites in forum but it will come up if you google pso skins. they have a few good fonewn skins or just take poptarts' advice with the fro. don't forget to throw in the earring too.
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