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  1. I wonder if all my friends still play this O_o
  2. Oh boy, its been so long

  3. Wonder if anyone remembers me. LOL xD hai guys

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    2. King Ra
    3. THBlackie


      GODDDDDDRICCCCC still love u :P lmao and i will if i ever see him online haha

    4. THBlackie


      Regretting giving all my shit away lmao xD I didn't even realise i had that much till now when i got nothing rofl


    1. THBlackie


      retirement? all my stuff gone and i only got on to see how you fools were doin :) haha, still going to school trying to find a job etc :P LIFE chuk haha

    2. Zeph
    3. THBlackie


      Kajex xD do you really need 120 addslots

  5. Winners of Excalibur and Dark Meteor Please let me know when you are available
  6. Had to speed up when the draw was, sorry to those who didn't get to enter, I am busy Thursday and Friday night Sorry Here is the link to the video of draw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1thm76tG4I&feature=plcp
  7. Check your pm's Goddy, im still your best buddy
  8. BUNBUN D: dont cry I'll still be here to talk with :3 i just wont be playing... i barely have time as it is
  9. I put all 3 of you in the drawing for my DM/Excal
  10. I'll be around here and there Larva, but just not playing, as chuk said im sure i'll still check forums daily and give insight onto things , you still got the best server out there in my opinion so keep up the good work Larva Me encantó mi tiempo en el servidor Larva y espero que hayan disfrutado el dinero que donó cuando lo hice, en el momento que realmente me encantó el servidor y le encantaba jugar, la vida real tiende a enviar las cosas a su manera y no siempre se puede estar en las cosas que una vez amó, que está haciendo un trabajo maravilloso con el servidor y ha mucha gente jugando todavía, voy a quedarme a hablar con la gente, tal vez yo te alcanzaré en tarde o temprano. ^ my horrid attempt at my 3 years of spanish haha
  11. shun, i could give it too you if you're online atm
  12. Hey everyone, those who know me, those who don't. I am finally going to say goodbye to PSO and the great server Ultima, those friends I have met were great and still look forward to talking to those who have my skype or anything else Ps3 name etc. I'll be giving away my most valueable items and those who would like to have anything off my tradelist, please take a look by clicking the link in my signature, i'll attempt to find those items in any of my banks that you're after . Item List : Red Ring (regular) Tellusis 5/150/45/0 Tellusis 12/178/10/0 Kama 12/80/8/0 All mags have twins. Any item that says it was given to me or bought by me from someone else, the person that gave or sold that item to me has first dibs, other then that, items will be given out at random to the people that actually play the game, and enjoy it day in and day out, or to those few collectors. Items will be given at random to people, or if you ask for specific items ill be glad to hand them to you first come first serve (items of higher value limited to that item or maybe a smaller item with it, if requested *RR etc*) with DM and Excal being the only exceptions I will be taking down names of those who want the DM/Excal and pulling them at random I can vid this and put it on youtube so it is shown as legit My Main reasons for quitting are school is about to start again, and i am barely on as it is, i feel my items and everything else on my accounts will be of more use to those who actually play the game, i will come on every now and again to talk and say hello Thanks to Larva and the GM's for a great experience on Ultima Remember to tell me if you would like to be in the drawing for DM/Excal by posting here or PM'ing me Names so far in drawing : Serverus / Kajex Rampage / Chuk Juelz (ingame) / Larva Godric / Icaro Grace / Savge Sli NamiNami / Vazerty Element / Fire Items Given away so far : MM 30 hit, FS 45 hit, Bringers Rifle 50 hit, Cent/ability x2 - Dott V101, DF Field, Aura Field, Adept - Tasha Icaro Needle, Cent/Ability x2 - Icaro FS 25 hit/15 hit, typeM shot, cannon rouge, v101 - Serverus Demonick Fork - Chuk Red Ring - Savge Sli Sato, Cent/Ability x2, v502 - Grace 44 PD's, Excalibur, yas9000m x2, spread needle, Master raven x3, Nidra - NamiNami Glide Divine - Shun v502, Black Hound Cuirass, Electro frame, DS x2, Dual Bird, Red Mechs, S-Beats, LK38 - Fire Merc Rod, Dark Meteor - Juelz Adept x2 - Link-i FTD - Godric Bringers, Tellusis (incomplete), Red Merge, 2 mag cells, smartlink, v801 - Pepper(ginger) Mother Garb+ - Chris

    1. THBlackie


      FUCK YOU D: omg i hate youuuuuuu

    2. THBlackie


      yes chuk, hes gonna die >:)


  14. Anime. I need sleep QQ

    1. Zeph


      What have you been watching Terry?

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