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  1. Where does it say that I begged? I used my MANNERS!!!! I clearly stated buy before borrowing So do me a favour and shut the fuck up, you utter child!!
  2. You can't receive any messages, maybe clear your inbox please? Got a couple questions
  3. DTs Only DF 0/0/100/100ll 80 SOLD!!! Asteron Striker 0/0/40/50ll 60 Mille Faucilles +244 0/0/0/20ll 50 Serene Swan 0/0/0/60ll 60 Dual bird +50 0/0/0/0ll 40 Crush Cannon +25 0/0/0/0ll 45
  4. Fucking yes !!!! Bare P's!! Also accepting 5280PDs
  5. Hahahahhahahahahahahhahaah
  6. Message him now I bought all mine thanks!
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