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  1. Bug-Catching net normal dark falze whitil
  2. Tyrfing, Episode 1, Sinow Blue, Ultimate, Greenil and Puprle
  3. what about Haichou wa Maid-Soma
  4. My sister helped me collect these and i couldn't always read her hand writing so some of them may be off by a letter or two Detective Conan Durararal Mahn Sensei Negima Haven(TV show) Arc Lad Good Witch(Movie+TV series) Kuroko's Basketball Assassination Classroom Kamisama Hajimemashita Spice and Wolf Summer wars KonoSuba Silver Spoon Ouran high school hust club Nausicaa of the valley of the wind Akagami no Shirayukihime Yona of the Dawn Haichou wa Maid-Soma Tsubasa Chronicle history's strangest Disciple Kenichi Darker than Black Kami nomi zo Shiro Sekai
  5. reg drop--sil dragon--ultimate--purp--ep1 reg drop--dal ral lie--ultimate--purp--ep1
  6. reg drop--garanz--vh--redria--ep1 reg drop--vol opt--vh--redria--ep1
  7. reg drop--vol opt--vh--greenil--ep1
  8. @coffeeGuy Reg drop=regular drop meaning no event item dropping from that monster
  9. reg drop--nar lily--vh--skyly--ep1 reg drop--chaos Bringer--vh--skyly--ep1
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