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  1. Zandres gave me all the music as he was developing it. I love all of it and it really works in the game. I can not wait for many others to try out this music pack and enjoy the simple feeling of playing a new game within the game you already know and love!!!
  2. Check out this page for builds for different classes.
  3. Nonevent Drop Hildeblue Greenil ult ep 1 Nonevent Drop Indie Belra Greenil ult ep 1
  4. centurian/luck dark gunner episode 1 grenill ultimate PoST dark falz episode 1 greenill ultimate
  5. vol opt shield green ult episode 1 vol opt
  6. I'm not the most knowledgeable player on here but as far as I am aware this server stands alone and does not allow for a transfer of any data from other versions of the game. I think part of why this is setup this way is to prevent cheating with getting gear. On top of that there are additional weapons and items in this version of the game that does not exist in the original version of the game. I hope this doesn't deter you from playing on our wonderful server here. We have a great community here and I hope despite having to start over from scratch you will still join us for some fun in game. Happy Easter!!!!!
  7. You are more than welcome. I love helping new players out!!!
  8. red merge evil shark purple vh episode 1 blue merge pal shark purple vh episode 1 nonevent drop sinow beat purple vh episode 1 nonevent drop vol opt purple vh episode 1 nonevent drop dal ral lie ult episode 1 rambling may canadine ult pueple episode 1
  9. nonevent drop Hildablue vh Greenil episode 1 nonevent drop rappy vh Greenil episode 1
  10. Blue merge pal shark yellow vh episode 1 nonevent drop hildeblue yellow vh episode 1 Rambling may canadine yellow vh episode 1 nonevent drop pouilly slime yellow vh episode 1 nonevent drop Nar Lilly yellow vh episode 1 red merge evil shark yellow vh episode 1 nonevent drop gillchic yellow vh episode 1
  11. Nonevent drop vol opt vh greenil episode 1 red merge vulmer pinkal ult episode 1 Rambling May canabin pinkal ult episode 1 red merge evil shark skyly vh episode 1 nonevent drop sinow blue skyly vh episode 1 Tablet claw skyly vh episode 1
  12. Honeycomb reflector - dark gunner - greenil ult ep1 cannon rouge dorphon eclair greenil ult ep4
  13. Tablet claw greenil ult ep1 NYC Dark Bringer greenil ult ep1 NYC gulgus-gue greenil ult ep1 Red Merge vulmer greenil ult ep1 Murasame pouilly slime greenil ult ep1 yellow Merge melqueek greenil ult ep1 DF shield sinow red greenil ult ep1
  14. normal drop dragon greenil ult ep1
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