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  1. I agree with the points other people are making about events being really hard for newer players and that the valentines event has been the easiest on them. Which is nice, however I may be say that because I have been able to get most of what I wanted so farm from event. That is all because I finally have good gear. So I don't know how others will see it but of the events I have been on this server for I think valentines is the best. As far as the mini event goes I would also like to see some of my high tier weapons get some hit on them cause I have many that need it badly. Plus I was unable to get a really good flowen with hit during the last event. So I have a crappy flowen with charge attack on it, that can't hit anything. SO as much as I know you don't want to here it I would prefer a hit event. But I would settle for a hit event that gave me a chance to get hit on some of my weapons that need it(such as PR).
  2. Mini Event! how does this work? and how do you redeem?
  3. Amore rose merlan ult greenil ep1
  4. guilty light vol opt vh greenil normal
  5. you want to farm with me after I finish my vh run. i have greenil id s-beats arm sinow beril vh ep1 normal amore rose canane vh greenil ep1
  6. bamboo spear guil shark greenil vh ep1 Justy 23st garanz vh greenil ep1 normal drop
  7. Login pl Lilly vh greenil ep1 Hero abillity vh greenil ep1 normal
  8. Amore Rose Booma vh greenil ep1 elysion hildeblue vh greenil ep1 normal drop
  9. I don't remember the names but it was the yellow one in ult
  10. login greenil ult lily frozen shooter greenil special ape ep1 ult
  11. amore rose from greenil
  12. you forgot love rappy mag
  13. wabadubdub Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Has anyone won?