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  1. I would like to join. 1. Rage de Glace w/ hit 2. Ultima Reaper w/ hit 3. Bomb chu 4. Asteron Striker w/ hit 5. Psycho Wand 6. Guld Milla 7. Wedding Dress 8. Banana Cannon w/ hit 9. 100 Souls
  2. Name: Mick In-game name: Caniac Age: 27 Location: Wisconsin Hobbies: Sports (Specifically tennis, golf, basketball, and hockey), Coding, Teaching Contact: Discord or PM here Picture: More about me: I have a wonderful wife and 2 dogs. I am a high school Computer Science Teacher. I have been playing sports all my life, and I also coach a few. I first started playing pso back when it came out on game cube, then played on scht for years, and finally came to here when I read an article on how pso will never die because of servers like this. This server was also a
  3. Caniac

    Easter Event 2018

    What is this going to be?
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