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  1. I need help with my ranger load out as well. Sounds like I need to get myself a v101 and some weapons with zerk or demon based on the suggestions so far. On my 138 ramarl I use: Units: Cent ability H battle H ability x2 Weapons: Canon rouge (0%, from black paper) Rage de feu (25% native, 25% dark) Yamiskov 2000? (the shotgun, 0% from black paper) Frozen shooter (0%, from black paper) Guard wave and yata mirror. Agysta (25/85/90/0) anything else you guys would suggest to improve my ranger?
  2. I have a serious problem on my HUcast. All his items appear to be corrupted.... Seems to be only on this character, others appear fine. Here is what happened as best as I can remember, it was on Friday night. I was using the common bank to transfer items between my characters and even drop some for my friend who is new to the server. Then after I was all finished handing off everything I wanted and went to select my hunter to start playing with my friend, I got disconnected when I tried to equip a weapon (said error unable to find equipment). I re-logged in and joined back into the same room but this time all of my items are ????????... I think everything in his bank is like that too... This is what it looks like. The only screens I have are from after the problem happened of course. Does anyone know if there is any way to fix this? Should I be worried for my other characters? Should I just consider these items lost forever? Should I recreate over this bugged character? Is he completely broken and useless now? HELP Veriemas Edit: Guild Card is 42103514
  3. So creator id is the only id that matters? Good to know.
  4. So if this bug is now fixed, how does it work? If the room creator is on Pioneer 2 will tge drop be of the creator or of the next in line? Im confused now that it's "fixed"
  5. It seems like there aren't any disadvantages to playing on "normal" compared to playing on "one person". So kaiyuss, I would suggest just making a passworded "normal" room to play solo, that's what I do all the time. "one person" is only needed for specific quests such as black paper. For your specific problem of playing seabed solo in a public game and not being able to get passed the multiplayer doors, there's nothing you can do about that. The map/path/doors are not always the same, so its possible if you remake the room that you could get lucky and not have to go through any multiplayer doors to get to the end (I'm not sure if there would always be a multiplayer door). Like you said, it's probably faster to go throuth RT to get to Olga than it is to go through seabed, so why not just do RT runs to hunt for master sword? I understand your frustration because I play solo a lot as well, but I dont see this as a big issue since it's only one area and one boss that you are unable to do. Especially when that boss doesn't drop anything except during events and you could just do RT runs solo to hunt for those event drops.
  6. Well back on the gamecube every server would have been hosted by Sega. I would assume that the servers would have been almost identical to each other and the purpose of having multiple servers would be to simply spread out their traffic and bandwidth usage. Since each private server that is still running online is hosted independently there is no way to access another server because they aren't even hosted by the same people. Not to mention all the differences between the servers and data not matching up. I am no expert though. I've only played the gamecube version offline years ago and Ultima is the only server I have played on and the only other server I've even heard of is scht... Feel free to correct me, but I think that covers all parts of the original question.
  7. When was the 3x exp table implemented? I'm just curious. I only joined about a month ago. I think the 3x exp is awesome. I had played offline gamecube for a couple years on and off and my 2 highest characters were lv105 and lv90. But in only one month an Ultima I already have a lv118 and a lv100. The current system is awesome for players like myself who were new to the server, but not new to the game. I think the prestige system sounds like cool idea for all of the Ultima veterans who have been around a long time. Any idea on when this might happen?? Not like I will be 200 soon lol
  8. After equipping a second god arm I was able to make it... It was 220 needed and you can use units aspart of that base. I wasn't able to try that until just now. The initial confusion was caused by pso-world leading me to believe I only needed 210
  9. I wont be online again later this evening. But it sounds. Like my best options would be to find someone I can trust to make it for me. Or start a new mag and raise it only in dez u.til hit has like 135 dex. My RAmarls mag is lv194 and has 84 dex currently, will be 90 dex at lv200 My problem is that I barely know anyone on the server. I usually play with a couple RL friends, but I have the highest ranger and closest to 220 ATA ofy friends. If anyone can help me out I will give you a photon crystal. Ill be on later tonight. Any suggestions on now to test if someone is trustworthy?
  10. Is it really 220 on ultima? Awww. Without slot equipments it will take my ramarl until lvl130 to get to 220 ATA... Is it possible for me to give my Swan+9 and Raven+9 to another Ranger with high enough ATA to combine then give the Dual Bird back to me? I would then be able to use slot equipment to raise my own ATA to 210 or 220 to equip it. EDIT: Hey, we played TTF V hard runs earlier this morning, Sciaz. I was on my RAmarl Dismay and you were playing Yamatsuku
  11. So I have a level 100 RAmarl and I have Last Swan +9 and Master Raven +9 but I can't seem to combine them into Dual Bird. I have (216) ATA; however, I am using a God Arm and a Centurion Ability so without those I would have (199) ATA. Do i need to gave (210) ATA without using any slot equipment? Also is it a problem that I got the Master Raven through a trade with my friend? I gave me friend grinders so they could make it +9 for me. Are the guns registered to a character/guild card? Do I need to find my own Master Raven? Any help on this would be appreciated.
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