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  1. Hey everyone!

    welcome to best psobb server in the world
  2. banned

    banned from server login gc 42095281
  3. rollback needed character reset to lvl 1

    phantom is a new player so he didnt know about the pic taking thing
  4. i played max attack s today and log off at lvl 145 and came back tonight at lvl 1 with all my stuff gone name phantom gc# 42116252
  5. red ring lost during transfer

    drop items from 1 character to other log off wid Tasha check juelz itempack rr was not there or wasn't on floor so I login Tasha same room no item in her pack either I never left the room http://img849.imageshack.us/img849/8635/dzk9.png
  6. red ring lost during transfer

    gc 42094268 slot 3 and gc 42095281 slot 1
  7. I was transferring items from 1 account to other and rr didn't transfer and not in my item pack either http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/4563/ejhp.png http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/6450/vodf.png
  8. need rollback

    slot 1 2 and 3 is all humars my gc# 42094268 and I need it fixed plz server time was about 5:30pm http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/954/vvdl.png
  9. New serverus event xd

    I want to charge my nug
  10. Excal Overrated

    u need to know how, when and where to use it
  11. i need rollback on my account

    how is this rollback coming ?
  12. gc# 42095281 slot 1 when I go to login nothing happens this is awhile now http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/7924/kcx2.jpg and this is my character http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/9643/yeb.bmp
  13. cant login to account

    this is all im getting now http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/7924/kcx2.jpg
  14. cant login to account

    im seeing 3 slots wid no name lv1 humars
  15. cant login to account

    my cousin login wid his account so that's not the issue