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    Apparently all of em :V jkjk ❤️
  2. Welcome, You will definitely find friends here and have a good time
  3. it is a zal mechgun, but its name is demon mechgun, maybe whoever got it first named it like that lol
  4. Gor3

    Please close

    Thank you, and I just read the tradelist and it definitely doesn't make any sense lmao, thanks for the input. You're a wonderful person too
  5. Gor3

    Please close

    Trading an RT run for a monomate
  6. Zal Mechgun 15 DT's Wedding Dress 39/100 34/40 [4s] Open to offers, preff DT's
  7. Getting an STA takes less effort than a PGF, its all about consistency, if you run several POD's you're absolutely prone to get at least 1 during the event. I don't STA's being more expensive than PGF's is the right thing, yes they're amazing but not as much as a PGF.
  8. Gor3

    B> X3 Naka Cards

    Purchased them already, please close
  9. buying 3 nakas, hmu if interested in selling
  10. AHOY!!

    Miss you Captn, hope you're doing alright !

  11. Grow a pair and don't hide behind an alt, If you don't like it, ignore it, if you still can't it is truly a YOU problem, he is one of the nicest dudes in the community. Scum like you are the ones we don't want here.
  12. deff do wait for the event, were about 2 weeks give or take for it to start, patience will pay off.
  13. I'd say get a weapon that absorbs exp from enemies and do ttf until boss, and repeat, if you need to lvl up, there are some doing CCA runs and those are really good for Exp
  14. Gor3

    Please close

    Please close
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